Monday, November 17, 2008

A Tale of Two

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

The famous words from a novel I read in high school finally hit home for me this year. It has been the most difficult of my life, and yet I will remember it as one of the very best. Doesn't it always work that way when God's involved? and He always is...

We found out early in the year that we were expecting a baby. A few months later Justin decided to chase a life long dream and enrolled in Fire Academy which would take him away from home 4 nights a week and every Saturday for nearly 7 months. Our sweet baby boy turned 3 on September 2nd and his new sister Glory made her dramatic debut on September 25th. She spent 7 long days and nights in the NICU while Justin continued on with his rigorous schedule of work and school and I recovered from a C-section. She got better and we came home-- up one kiddo and down one parent. The two months that followed seemed like two YEARS.

Well, I'd like to report that Justin took his final EMT exam on Friday. He passed! Praise God. I have my husband back. As soon as he finished, we left the kiddos with the grandparents and headed for a weekend of rest and relaxation in Broken Bow. Quiet. Diaper- free. Sleep.

The time of reflection was profound. It was as if I had been holding my breath for a very long time and I was finally breathing again. Every gasping breath I took in was restoring and revealing. God's provision is amazing. His timing, impeccable. His instruction is more than sufficient. His friendship is incomparable. He fills in the gaps.

Thanks be to God for carrying me through the gloriously tough times.


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