Monday, January 26, 2009

My 29th Birthday

Today was my birthday. It went something like this:

For starters, I woke up. I took a hot shower and fixed my hair, which is rare for a week day. It looked good. I got compliments. I actually had time for breakfast. I had a job to go to. A super friend called at 7:00 to take my Starbucks order. It was sitting on my desk when I arrived at school. I was able spend the day with my dear friend of 27 years as she was visiting my classroom to observe me teach. I'm not sure how much she learned, but we definitely had we always do. The students behaved well today and I stayed on my diet. I came home (an hour late) to be greeted with a smile, no less, by my beloved mother who faithfully keeps my children 3 days a week. Today she had washed clothes, cleaned the kitchen, the toilet, the cabinets and helped Jonah make me a birthday H (he made the letter 'H' all by birthday gift received to date.) Shortly thereafter my man walked though the door, kissed me and immediately began to entertain the (90% healthy) kids while I cooked dinner. We then sat together and ate. He went on and on about the meatballs I made even though they weren't that great and I made him eat asparagus. We laughed. Jonah ran around the house making beautiful noise and Glory played happily in her exer-saucer. It was great. We played kickball, "dribble," and laundry-basket ball with Jonah. He giggled and giggled and giggled some more before he finally fell asleep--EARLY. A very good thing. We watched an episode of House together and admired our beautiful girl smile and laugh and drool. So precious. I am now yawning and ready to climb into my warm bed to rest up for another day.

On several occasions today I was asked how my birthday had been and I commented that my day wasn't really anything special...not really any different than every other day--like that was a bad thing. And then it occurred to me...What are you thinking? IT DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS! God gave me the gift of revelation today, on my 29th birthday. May I never again fail to seek and recognize God's awesome blessings hidden in the nooks and crannies of my little life. They are huge and they are many.

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  1. How true! Most of God's blessings come in small things that are easy to overlook. But when we stop and think about all those little blessings, it can make our whole day wonderful!

    Late Happy Birthday!