Friday, February 13, 2009

Things that Bother Me

When someone is hovering.
Dirty dishes.
Waking up and seeing that there are only a few minutes left to sleep.
The way jeans feel after you eat a lot.
When a student tells me that another student called them a tattle-teller.
Walking in late.
People who are unnecessarily rude.
Crying children.
Loud music or noise while I am driving.
Seeing a fish flop around before it is thrown back in the water.
When decor and furnishings aren't the correct scale for a home.
Cigarette smoke.
Sitting on the side or down low at the movies.
Ordering something new at a restaurant and not liking it.
Undergarments with poking metal.
The fact that I always run out of shampoo when there is still 1/2 the bottle of conditioner left.
The thought of getting old.
When the milk gets little ice crystals in it.
When someone gives me "the bird" while driving or even just honks at me.
When I think someone is mad at me.
When the only grapes at the store are sour.
Needing to throw up.
The really high roads in big cities that swirl all around each other and make you feel like you will fall off the edge.
Waiting to see if the plane will explode or actually make it during take-off.
Meaningless conversation...when someone asks a question, but you know they aren't really interested in the answer.
Sitting on a cold toilet first thing in the morning.
Leaving a crying child to go to work.
"Six Flags" rash.

And you?


  1. Ditto to pretty much all of those!

  2. LOLOLOLOLOLOL! LOVE this list! Feel the same about many of those!