Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bacon Explosion

I am SO making this.


  1. Wow, that looks good. I'm gonna have to try that on my smoker. Except I think I'd add a little brown sugar to the mix to give it a little more of a sweet flavor. Where can you find "loose sausage"? I don't recall seeing that at the grocery store, but I've never really looked for it either . . .

  2. Rob,
    Brown sugar-nice. or you could use Maple flavored bacon for a similar result. As for the sausage--it is just like the regular breakfast sausage only it says Italian on the package. I have seen it at walmart, I think. On some brands you might have to cut the casings off. It looks like these people got it from a meat market or something. That would probably be best...Or you could make your own--its just ground meat (pork) with spices.
    I'm wondering...why do I know so much about sausage?

  3. This makes me want to throw up!