Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Taco Tuesday Interview

How did Taco Tuesday originate? Taco Tuesday was established about a year and a half ago. We began eating with our friends, Lindsey and Clayton, (whom I will affectionately refer to as 'Nu Nu' and 'Bo') every Tuesday night while watching The Biggest Loser. It just stuck.

Where does Taco Tuesday take place? Taco Tuesday primarily takes place at the Freguson residence. We may need to begin an alternating schedule when Baby-Bowen arrives in a few weeks. We are flexible.

Who prepares the tacos? Well, it is a group effort. We always have a large pan of ground venison for NuNu, Bo, and Justin and a small pan of ground beef for yours truly. We use the shaker can of Old El Paso seasoning so that an extra amount may be added. Lindsey usually does this part. Clayton will take over the meat in the event of NuNu's tardiness. She also takes the job of chopping the onions. I wish I had a picture of NuNu wearing her onion-chopping goggles to share with you. Justin chips in with the grating of the cheese. We decided that the extra effort of grating the cheese rather than purchasing the pre-shredded kind is well worth the flavor reward. I wash and shred the lettuce.

Does each person have a special way of putting together his/her tacos? Yes, here's the breakdown:

Bo--Uses a bowl to assemble his taco salad. Crushed shells, meat, lettuce, cheese, onions, salsa, ranch dressing, and Franks Red Hot. Sadly, Bo's favorite bowl (a pyrex french white) suffered a bad break in the summer of '08 and his Taco Tuesday experience hasn't been quite the same since.

Nu Nu--Shells, meat, onions. Lots of onions...and a side of corn.

Ferg--Shells, meat, cheese.

Keelie--Very traditional: shells, meat, cheese, lettuce, onions, salsa

Do you ever have anything else with your tacos? Red Diamond Sweet Tea and occasionally we will splurge and have cheese dip. Jonah always appreciates this. What makes Taco Tuesday cheese dip special is that it is made with AMERICAN cheese rather than Velveeta. This always confuses people so I will provide a picture:

Using this type of cheese makes the dip SO much better. Try it! Also for mac 'n cheese...

Has Taco Tuesday ever been utilized as a diagnostic tool? Why yes, it has! One week Justin was alarmed when he could only eat 3 tacos rather than his usual 7. We were worried, took him to the ER and it turned out he had appendicitis.

Do you recommend others try to implement a "Taco Tuesday" of their own?Absolutely. In fact, I have put together a list of possibilities for anyone who wishes to begin a similar tradition, but perhaps does not have Tuesday as an option.

Meatloaf Monday

Whatever We Want Wednesday

Thin Thursdays --health food

Footlong Friday --No Sonic. You must experience the fellowship of cooking together)

Sandwich Saturday

Cereal Sunday --I have heard of people who eat cereal for a meal other than breakfast. This one's for you.


  1. "Whatever Works" does me good!

  2. HAHA I'm glad you included that picture! I was thinking..."whaaa, she made dip out of cheese slices" lol, that's the only "American" cheese I could think of at that moment.

  3. Oh wow...it may be the pregnancy hormones...but that post actually made me teary eyed!!! No kidding...I think we have a great thing going!!! and Caleb will only make it better...I can't wait to introduce him to the joy of Taco Tuesday...and since he has been tasting onions in-utero, I think he will appreciate them later on. Sorry Ferg, we're gonna have another onion-lover on our hands!

  4. So I made the cheese dip last weekend. Loved it! Jason was not happy that I was not using velveta. He thought the blue box was "generic cheese product". He decided after eating it he likes it better than velveta too!