Thursday, April 2, 2009

Things I Have Learned From the Food Network:
EVOO is good. You should use it a lot.
You should heat the milk and butter before adding to mashed potatoes.
A good burger should only be flipped one time.
Garbage bowls make life easier.
Heating a lemon in the microwave for 10 seconds releases the juice.
Thanksgiving section:
You should always put the turkey in a brine (saltwater) for 24 hrs. before roasting.
Cooking the turkey upside down makes it very moist. (Yes, I have tried this and it is true.)
The non-traditional, but
best way to carve a turkey.
A good knife is a cook's best friend.
Presentation is EVERYTHING.
Pasta is supposed to have a little "bite" to it. al dente


  1. Nope not everything she makes is good...but still LOL. By the way, she will be at The Shops at Legacy April 23rd, it's some sort of special event. They will only be selling 250 tickets, which includes the new cookbook. It's being called "A Conversation with Paula Deen" I think it's like an hour then Q&A. I thought you might like to know anyway, it's at Legacy Books.

  2. Wait...please tell me you did not try that casserole?!?!

  3. I did NOT try that casserole! I thought it was an April Fool's joke or something when she was making it..but no--its real.
    Thanks for the tip. Maybe I can go... I went to see her at Fair Park a couple years ago. It was funny. And then I also met her sons this summer when mom and I went to Savannah. Bobby put his arm around me ;)

  4. I saw that picture, which is why I told you about it. I think I'm gonna go, we'll see. I love Paula Deen! Despite some of the things she makes...and YES, a good knife IS a cook's best friend!