Thursday, June 4, 2009

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Things I love about New York City:

The Brooklyn Bridge--So romantic to walk. We like to take the subway over to Brooklyn and walk (stroll) back to Manhattan on the bridge--just taking in the unbelievable NYC skyline--the way you see it in the movies.

Christmas in the City--There is nothing like it. I always say that if you are only going to go once, go at Christmastime. But, there is something to be said for each and every season in New York. If you go at Christmas, the Radio City Christmas Spectacular is a must see.

The tree at Rockefeller Plaza.

Pizza--Grimaldi's, Lombardi's, and John's. Fabulous!

Union Street Farmers' Market--Love seeing the New Yorkers' version of grocery shopping. Supposedly the greatest chefs in the city come to the market early on a Saturday morn. I am still hoping to spot one.

New Yorkers--They aren't exactly mean, just to the point. They don't like you to stare at them :) I think they are cool for living in NYC. They fascinate me. I do stare.

The Subway--So very NY. The ONLY way to travel in the city. The best was cramming onto the subway that would take us to the Yankees/Red Socks game. EVERYONE was going there. It was an adventure. The game was great too, but I definitely received my quota of profanity for the year as our seats were positioned in between a group of drunk Yankee fans and two very much-scorned Red Socks fans.

Our view of the game.

Dog Walkers--They're just cool and when you are walking beside one you feel like you are in a movie.

Just some random dog walker I found to be interesting.

Chelsea Lodge (cheap, clean hotel)-- This is like a B&B without the second "B". Yes, you do have to share a toilet with several other rooms, but this is not the issue that it may seem. The savings well make up for any inconvenience.

Our room.

City Lights--They are beautiful...magical.

Architecture--Even the most common buildings have so much character. No cookie-cutter structures like here in 'BLAH' Texas (there are some gems here in the Lone Star State, but its not what we're known for, certainly).

The Cloisters--part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The History--The Ellis Island Museum is quite interesting. We also took a tour at The Lower East Side Tenement Museum which was extremely fascinating, I thought. Justin did not. Lots and lots of history here.

A picture I took inside the Immigration Museum at Ellis Island.

A picture taken from the same spot several hundred years ago when people were coming into NY harbor from all over the world. In this picture, they are waiting in line to become a US citizen. Most likely, your ancestors sat in this very room at one time.

Central Park--absolute favorite thing about NYC. To truly experience this city, you must explore the park in its least one full day there. Central Park is literally and figuratively the "heart" of the city.

View from inside the park looking at the Upper West Side.

Bethesda Fountain--my favorite place in the park. I have promised to take Jonah to this very fountain and throw a coin in it with him someday.
Fergie rowing in a lake in Central Park. There are several lakes in the park. Yes, lakes. This was very romantic.

I first travelled to NYC on an Interior Design study trip through UNT in May, 2001. It was a fabulous introduction to the city as we were able to visit multiple museums, tour an unbelievable Interior Showcase, attend the massive International Contemporary Furniture Fair, and we were even able to sit in on an auction at Christie's where one item went for over $1,000,000! I also got to see my original " idol," Reba, in Annie Get Your Gun on Broadway. The entire trip was an amazing experience! Just 4 months after this visit, terrorists attacked the World Trade Center.

I have since returned to the city on 3 different occasions. I was able to visit in December 2002 with my mom and two girlfriends. Justin went with me for his first time in the Summer of 2006. Our latest trip was "Autumn in New York" which we shared with my brother and sis-in-law in 2007. Each was a unique and wonderful trip.

To my delight, this time next week Justin and I will be packing up to visit "our city," once again. I call it "our city" because we both love it so much and I know that we will continue to travel to NYC as long as we are both able to walk...or even ride a Hover-Round, I suppose. Those old people ride them to the edge of the Grand Canyon, don't they?

To be very honest, Justin and I don't have THAT much in common, but one thing we can always agree on is that we heart NYC. If you like history, culture, food, and beautiful architecture, I suggest taking a trip here--SOON! Our return flight was $79 pp--great deals right now!

Here I am with my mom sifting through Pottery Barn trash in the rain. I did take a few items home--thought the pic was worth sharing.

Sorry for the long post--as you call tell, this is a passion of mine. Maybe I will write a book. Oh, wait. I just did :)


  1. I also found the immigration museum fascinating. Loved Central Park...and the zoo too!

  2. Loved Central Park, the zoo, Gray's Papaya and Macy's! Hope you have a wonderful time!

  3. You got tickets to a Yankees - Red Sox game at the old Yankee Stadium in it's final season? I bet that wasn't cheap! Were you rooting for the Yanks? I would have to be one of those few Red Sox fans being heckled, because I can't stand the Yankees. But, I would love to go to Yankee Stadium and watch a game there. I bet that was a neat experience.

    Looks like you could become a tour guide in NYC.

  4. Actually we went to the game in June '06 so there were a couple seasons yet to play at the old stadium. I think the tickets were a bit pricey but it was well worth it. I can't hardly stand to watch a baseball game (sorry) but this was one experience I wouldn't trade for anything.

  5. Oh and if you had been sitting next to the folks we were, you might have considered rooting for the Yanks or just keeping your mouth shut. I even witnessed cops escorting a pregnant lady out of the stadium for bad behavior...

  6. How fun! So glad you are getting a vacation one of your most favorite places! AWESOME!! Have fun!

  7. I've never been to New York City, and don't think I can get Jeff to take me. Thank you for sharing!!!

    Keelie, you posted on my blog that you are thankful it is the last day of school. . .and that means it is REALLY your last for a while, so that you can be a SAHM! Congratulations!

  8. Okay, I've talked to you about three times in the last two days and I was not aware that you are Justin were going to NY next week! What the heck?! And let me just say that you guys stink and I'm super super jealous!

    I LOVE that picture I took of you digging through junk on the side of the street. That was a GREAT memory that I'll always have! I SUPER loved our NY trip. I need to get back there sometime!