Monday, June 22, 2009

NYC #2: Sights

This was the view out of our window on the 5th floor of the Americana Inn. The location is considered Midtown, relatively close to Times Square. We got what we paid for. It was $100/night which is like free in NYC. It was the equivalent to a Motel 6 but we had to share a bathroom (toilet, shower, and sink) with other people on the floor. I pretended I was camping and it was okay but I will probably go back to Chelsea Square next time and pay $25 more per night just so I can take a shower in my own room.

This was just a random park we happened upon. Can't recall the name but it just goes to show you what a magnificent parks and rec system they have. The landscaping is immaculately kept.

A few steps into the park we came across this peculiarity. Immediately we looked at each other and it became embarrassingly evident that we watch WAY too many crime/detective shows on TV. The theme song for CSI NY began to play in our heads... out here in the field ... Justin instinctively squats down to examine the evidence. The case was left unsolved.

This is the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. It is a Gothic Cathedral and has been under construction for the past 1000 years or so. Seriously! It is crazy big and beautiful.

I can't remember what this sculpture is called but it is in the middle of a fountain in the Cathedral courtyard. Every year in this courtyard they have a blessing of the animals where you can bring your pets and have them blessed.

I took this picture of a subway stop that is actually above ground.

Bryant Park. They were getting ready to show a movie in the park on the night we left! I was so upset we barely missed it.

Another example of a gorgeous park.

One afternoon, we sat in Bryant Park and watched these men play a game called P├ętanque. It was very entertaining.

I know most people won't appreciate these photos, but this store was unbelievable. There were endless floor to ceiling shelves, just like this, with trim. Just trim.
Look at that!!!

Getting carried away, but this is so beautiful. I could get in a lot of trouble if I ever found a store like this one in TX.
I am so sad this shot turned out blurry, but it is a view of Grand Central Station and the Chrysler Building. Two beauties.

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