Thursday, July 16, 2009

Are you hot? Tired? Is your "sweat sweating," as a Facebook friend so eloquently quipped? Do you long to feel a breeze on your face? Perhaps see a leaf on the ground because it is that time, not because it was scorched and fell off. Do you dream of the first sale of the season? The day when it isn't too hot to turn on your oven? Can't you just picture the gargantuan, inflated Garfield floating across the Macy's store front? Christmas anyone???

Me too. It's kind of hard not to let your mind wander to the things of fall and beyond when Hobby Lobby already has all their HOLIDAY stuff out!!!

Are you kidding me?

Come on!

Give me a break!

I pretend like I think it's ridiculous but I am secretly super excited ;)

Here's a crazy idea: ChRisTmAs in July. I love the holiday way too much to celebrate it just once a year. Who says I can't celebrate Christmas anytime I want?

Here are some things I am going to do to celebrate Christmas in July.

1. Make some candy (or jelly) and deliver it to friends.

2. Go shopping for a few early Christmas presents.

3. Wrap them.

4. Play Christmas CDs in the car.

5. Put up some white twinkle lights.

6. Make a simple meal with holiday flavors: baked turkey breast, mashed potatoes, Stovetop, etc.

7. Let everyone open a little gift.

8. Read the Christmas story.

9. Watch a Christmas movie under a blanket while sipping hot chocolate--we'll crank the AC for this one!

10. Say "Merry Christmas" when I check out at Target. Ha.



#1 silly #2 stupid #3 sensational and you're doing it too


  1. You have got to be kidding me... I love you so much because I was JUST, and I mean just like two seconds ago, writing a post for another date while I'm going camping in which I mention my absolute LOVE for all things Christmas, in which I also casually admit that I think about Christmas in JULY because I just frankly can not help myself. Can. NOT.

    Also, I have spent the past two days (I kid you not- TWO, count them...) planning where on earth my tree is going to go, and it almost kept me up at night- let me back up and explain... I have new furniture in my house. Not brand new, like just bought, but new since after the holidays last year. Which means, that now I have a new arrangement to work around for the upcoming Christmas. It's stressing me out, because I just do not know where the Christmas Tree is going to fit now. No idea. My family thinks I am crazy because this is the type of thing on my mind in July. I know I'm not crazy, so perhaps I'll just fax you my floorplan, and the two of us can puzzle this one out. (grin)

    I also heartily agree that celebrating in July is a fantastic idea. I mean, we are supposed to keep the Christmas Spirit and Jesus's love in our hearts all year long, not just at Christmas time right?

    Oh- And I also just figured out what I am going to be presenting as Christmas gifts to my family members (my parents and brother and his wife) Little Christmas morning breakfast baskets!! With homemade pancake mixes in a jar, good maple syrup, some yummy hot cocoa bags, and some chocolate maple candies that I want to make... See? Not crazy. Just well planned out.

    Now I see that I've written you a book... I'm sorry, but I just sensed a kindred spirit who would truly appreciate my Christmas love.


  2. Call me #1, but I'm #3 sort of. I did purchase a Christmas Song Book today!!!!

  3. #4 none of the above, but intrigued and will watch you do it

  4. Wow! LMM, I have been contemplating the location of my tree bc I have rearranged furniture since last year! Weird. Yeah, I think we are very similar people...

    I also already picked out a Mexican Cocoa mix that I am goign to make for gifts this year. Let me know if you want the recipe. Sounds yummo!

  5. #1 - There, somebody finally had the guts to say it!

    I'm just giving you a hard time - I agree the Christmas spirit of giving and celebrating our Lord Jesus Christ should be a part of our lives year-round.

    I have a yearly battle with my wife over when the tree goes up. The first year we were married she put the tree up in the first part of October! Now that we have more space she has expanded her Christmas decor by adding additional trees in other rooms, and I heard her say recently something about having a tree that is up all year, that is decorated for whatever the current season is.

    Mele Kalikimaka!

  6. I think the year-round tree is a great idea! And October--SO not too early to put up the tree! IT is hard work getting that thing decorated--we need to be able to enjoy it for a long time.

    However, since I am enjoying Christmas in July this year, I may wait until first of Nov. to put up the tree.

  7. The Christmas background is an especially nice touch... (wink)

  8. OK.....I'm totally in agreement with you and LMM. I wasn't going to really tell anyone but I bought some gifts this week. I guess I felt comfortable in the company to get this off my chest. Gotta go get the wrapping paper out.......

  9. I just gave your Christmas in July a try. I went through the drive-thru at McDonald's and decided to wish the person working the drive-thru window a Merry Christmas. The conversation went something like this:

    McD employee: (handing me order and speaking broken English)Here you go. Have a ni...

    Me: (interrupting) Can I get some ketchup with that?

    McD employee: (handing me ketchup) Have a nice day!

    Me: Thanks, have a Merry Christmas.

    McD employee: (startled, with a somewhat confused look as if wanting me to repeat what I said)

    Me: (as cheerfully as possible) You have a Merry Christmas!

    McD employee: (smiling from ear to ear) Tank-oo, you too!

    I don't know what she was thinking but at least it put a smile on her face.

  10. Omy gosh! I love it! See--you made that girl's day. Now go home and help Steph put up a tree.

  11. What Rob did at McD's made me laugh hysterically! I just talked to him and he said he went there, but neglected to tell me what he did!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas. I wish I could decorate EVERY SINGLE ROOM in a different theme. I actually started to mentally make my Christmas list yesterday. This IS so fun!!!

    And FOR REAL...I want my tree up now! Maybe September this year.?.?.?

  12. Keelie- I am not superwoman. I just ignore my family and feed them macaroni all the time. Ha! Just kiddin'.

  13. #3. I admit that I keep (and listen to) a Christmas tape in the van year round. I absolutely love Christmas and enjoy celebrating the Reason for the Season every day of the year. I even keep my nativity up year round and look at it often to nudge my Joy-mometer when I am having a tough day. :)

  14. Why did I not see your post earlier!?!?!? I am totally #3. At work we heard the top 10 Christmas songs on the radio and I believe I was the only one ENJOYING them!!! SO yeah, I need some holiday cheer and I think we all deserve it. Christmas in July it is! Haha, I was wondering when I got here what all the "decor" was about...great job! Only five months away!

  15. Oh my, Keelie, you never cease to amaze me! I just came home from a very hot week at FC, took a nap, and thought I had slept through my first semester at my new job, and it was Christmas! This WAS all very fun to read, as you always are!
    You, LMM, Diana, Stephanie and Rob have all inspired me!
    Yes, I want that Mexican Cocoa recipe!

  16. oh, I forgot to vote, #3, of course!

  17. Kevin, maybe you should consider putting up your tree when you get to Kansas. That should help with your Joy-ometer...that's what Julie calls it and I like that.