Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baking Up a Storm

To see a little grey cloud dance across the morning sky is all that it takes to send me into a baking frenzy. I don't know why, but with the first pitter-patter of raindrops, out comes the sugar and whatever else I decide to put with that fine specimen of ingredient.
Pretty soon, my kids will know. If the thunder rolls--we might get to eat some rolls! Or cookies, or cake, or...


This is a nectarine pie. I wanted to share this with you because this was a "simple" baking experience. I really wanted to make a pie but had no eggs and no fruit that I had ever seen in a pie. However, 6 little nectarines sat on a plate in the kitchen, more intended to be pretty than anything else. As I began to brainstorm, I could almost hear the citrus angels beckoning me to please make use of them. After all, they are quite similar to a peach. The texture is a bit questionable, but with a little, okay-- A LOT of sugar, anything can be made edible.

No recipes today because I didn't really use any and I would hate to create an un-simple experience for you in your kitchen since my new goal in the kitchen is to promote simplicity. I will say that you, too can make these magnificent cinnamon rolls by following the Bisquick recipe for biscuits, then roll the dough into a big rectangle, then spread a mixture of melted butter, sugar, and cinnamon to cover the entire rectangle. Then roll up the rectangle to make a LONG roll. Slice the long roll into apx 1.5" rounds. Place in a pie plate and bake at 425 for about 15 minutes. I had to cover mine with foil to keep from getting too brown. Then make a simple sugar glaze with powdered sugar, milk, and a touch of vanilla.

And I also will refrain from leaving you a recipe for the nectarine pie, but you could just cut up some nectarines, mix them with a cup of sugar, 1/3 cup of flour and some cinnamon. Then put that into a pre-made crust and top with another pre-made crust cut into strips and criss-crossed. Just bake that according to crust directions. Or find a really good pie crust recipe and make your own.

What do you like to do on a rainy day? Besides sleep...


  1. I am so hungry for pie...

    On a rainy day this week, I poured a big baking sheet full of dry rice, and parked my son at the kitchen table with a bunch of little cars and trucks, and he "paved roads" and shoveled "snow" for hours in that pan. It was super easy to just sweep up and dump into a ziplock bag for the next rainy day when play rice is needed.

    And I baked cookies and caught up on my bible study in peace and semi-quiet. (grin)

  2. That is a great idea!! I am going to try that. Although, its now my little 9 mo old that needs to be entertained, more so than my son. Got any ideas for her?
    Are you doing a specific study?

  3. I know what I am doing next time it rains...I will be at your house!

  4. I also love to cook on rainy days usually with some music going. Save me a piece of that great lookin' pie!!

  5. Wow, Keelie, once again, another of your talents. You are the most talented person I know!

    On a rainy day, I also like to cook/bake, read,
    be with Madasyn-coloring and playing hide and seek!