Wednesday, July 29, 2009

His Father's Son

This is my short-of-breath son.

Giving himself a breathing treatment.

He used to scream bloody murder when we had to do this, now he likes it. He likes us to give him "treatments" of any kind. He likes Tylenol. He likes to lay with a bowl by his side in know. He tells me when I need to apply Balmex (that is a completely different post). He also likes to wear band-type things on his head. All of this he gets from Daddy.

By the way...any creative ideas for what to hang inside these frames? Besides plates.


  1. Oh, he definitely is his father's son! You got some precious pics of him during his asthma treatment. Sure hope they help fast!

  2. My son used to have glad it's over, or appears to be the last two years.

  3. Remove the frames and hang deer heads there.

    Just kidding.

    How 'bout some type of metal crosses inside the frames?.?.

  4. Ha ha! You are TOO funny!

    Crosses are a definite possibility. I'm on the lookout.

  5. Awe, poor Jonah. Even after nearly 27 years Court is still doing breathing treatments. I remember mom reading to her during them to calm her. She wasn't as comfortable with them as Jonah seems to be! ;-)

  6. I wasn't going to post to this because I was afraid I'd be ridiculed. I say that because my recommendation may be looked at as silly. However, a child is a child, so play to his favortie things. What are they? WHO are they? What will help his imagination sore during those treatments? Make it a good a time, a time to help his imagination take flight. Of course, my advice is Disney but, ya know, take what he ENJOYS into consideration!

    I'm, of course, referring to the frames! LOL. I hope he's doing well and I pray those treatments help him!