Friday, July 3, 2009

My Little Sparkler

Here's Glory giggling in her red, white and blue. Have a listen...

Thank you Lord for the freedoms that I so easily forget and take for granted. Help me to be a good steward of all the liberties You have given. Please continue to cover this amazing country in your protective grace as you have done for so many years. May you receive all the glory for the greatness of our nation. We know that in You not only are we granted freedom in life but freedom in death as well. What an Independence Day that will be--when my Jesus I shall see! Amen.


  1. She's so cute!! I love those baby giggles!

  2. That is just freakin' adorable.

  3. She is adorable!!! Blessings and enjoy. I love her name!

  4. oh Keelie, thank you so much for sharing your little sparkler, her giggles and your prayer.
    I love watching/reading about how you are enjoying every moment of her and Jonah's childhood, and I know that when they are grown, you are going to be the "hostess with the mostest" for the whole family.
    Thank you for your comments to me.

  5. she's so darling!!! It makes my ovaries hurt just a bit... Ha! Great post! I'm just loving your blog, by the way.