Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kitchen Sink Meets Bleach

Something weird just happened. I cleaned my kitchen sink. I mean I really, really got it clean. I bleached it, soaked it, scrubbed it, rinsed it, shined it...I just WINDEXED my kitchen sinks for crying out loud! I literally cleaned them, then dried out my sinks, sprayed them with glass cleaner and wiped it away. And I liked it. Do people DO this? Please tell me I am not the last person on earth to shine my sink on a regular basis? I think its weird, but did I mention I liked it? If you are wondering why this is so weird for me you will need to read about my cleaning habits. Then you'll understand.

The bottom line is, I don't like cleaning and I have never done very much of it. It all has to do with my perfectionism... Anyway, seeing as how one of the two main roles in my new "job" is to take care of my house, I figured I better give it the ole' college try. I have been keeping the house considerably more presentable over the past few months, but still have been needing a good kick in the pants to really get my house in gear.

Well, can I just tell you that my rear is still hurting from yesterday when I met the FLYLADY? She is my new "personal online coach to help me gain control of my house and home!" (Her words, not mine.) Isn't that great? I think someone told me about Flylady a while back, but I just wasn't ready to meet her yet. It had to be on my own terms. Yesterday was the day. I came to her site when I just happend to be at a crossroads of "Heck no!" and "Let's do this!" where my housekeeping efforts were concerned. I began reading and FLylady gave me the encouragement I needed.

Her site is really cute with lots of great ideas, but if you don't have a problem keeping your house in order, you might not understand what all the fuss is about. On the other hand, if you are like me, you might go there and feel a little twinge of excitement. You might even want to clean and shine your sink! All the time. You might keep your sink clean and dry and never put anything in it all day long. You might walk by and nonchalantly gaze into the basin to see if your reflection is there. The Flylady says it CAN be there and it WILL make you feel good when it is. She is right.

I am gonna head back into the kitchen now. The faucet keeps dripping every 10 minutes or so and I need to wipe up the water dropplet...This is weird, right?


  1. I do love a clean kitchen sink. Apparently I am the only one who does, because my efforts are usually trashed within 15 minutes of cleaning. I try to clean and shine mine at night so I wake up to a clean sink. My house usually is cleanest at night while we are sleeping. Wonder if the cat enjoys it?

  2. I think I must need the fly lady!

    just passing through from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the same.

  3. I knew when I saw your title that you must have been reading Fly Lady!
    Keep enjoying your new "job" and keep praying for me on mine.
    I am enjoying it, too.

  4. Problems with cleaning? Who, me? : ) Fess up, Kathy. Yes, I too have those perfectionist tendencies, and I too love to Windex my sink. What a wonderful way to get a nice shiny gleam!