Saturday, August 15, 2009

Okay Summer, You Can Go Now

I can't wait anymore. Let's talk FALL, shall we? I have so many hopes and dreams for fall! Although it will still feel like summer here in Texas; we will get the pumpkins out never the less.

I will make a topiary for my back porch like this one...

Or this one!

I can't wait to make this wreath and hang it from my living room window. All you have to do is hot glue little pumpkins on a grapvine wreath and tie a bow at the top! How easy is that?

Come September 1st, everyone should have this gem burning in their home: Aromatique's Cinnamon Cider. It is the absolute best scent for fall.

This is a DDD (double duty decoration). Simply gather some greenery and tie with a fall-ish ribbon. After Thanksgiving change the ribbon to Christmas-ish ribbon. Genius!
Let me hear your hopes and dreams for fall!



  1. Okay, I want to make that wreath too. We need to have a wreath making get together. And that first beautiful house picture, I want that house. I can't wait for fall...cooler weather, my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas. Can't wait!

  2. Easy enough for me, that's how easy that wreath is!!! Thank you, Keelie!
    My hopes and dreams for Fall are to do a great job of teaching the students that are entrusted to me AND to be the best wife and mom and Gramma, and ...everything God wants me to be.

  3. I wanna come to the wreath party....can I drink wine there? That makes me more creative ( in my own mind).

  4. I'm just excited that I may actually get to experience a REAL fall this year!

  5. Hopefully, I will have some pumpkins to contribute. We actually planted pumpkins in the garden this year.

  6. Mee too Keelie!! I'm so ready for pumpkin pie I can hardly stand it!

  7. LOOOVE the wreath idea! I think it looks really cute!! :)

  8. Me too, I'm ready for fall. I have a long-time love affair with pumpkins. I was so thrilled my daughter was born in October. It's my favorite month of the year. So I'm with you - I'm ready for summer and the humidity to disappear. Your blog is beautiful. I love the look of it. I'm visiting from SITS. Happy Sharefest Saturday!