Sunday, September 27, 2009

12 Weeks of Christmas with Red Writing

I love Christmas. I love it a lot. I love it so much that I kinda want to spend 12 weeks blogging about it...and I want you to join me.

Each Sunday for the next 12 weeks I will present a different Christmas related topic for us to blog about. Once you have created your post for the week come over here and link up so that we can get in the spirit together. Invite all your friends if you want--the more the merrier!

Now, it just wouldn't be Christmasy if there were no gifts involved. Each week there will be a giveaway. I have been collecting ideas for CUTE, frugal, homemade gifts and Christmas decor for some time now and I'm ready to make them...If your post is linked up the by the end of that particular week (that's right, you have 1 whole week, any day will do) then you will be entered in the giveaway. Easy.

I know what your thinking: That's 12 giveaways! What is she thinking? Yeah, the same thought did cross my mind. That's why I want to offer each of YOU the opportunity to create or provide one of the weekly giveaways also. If you want to do that (and be responsible for shipping to the winner) then please contact me ASAP @ It's all in the spirit of giving!

Here are the post topics for each week:
Click on the week to go directly to that post. It's not too late to link up! If you want to, just jump in whenever you are ready to start thinking Christmas!

Week 2 (October 11) Christmas Memories and Traditions

Week 3 (October 18-) Christmas Accent Craft #1

Week 4 (October 25) All About the Food

Week 5 (November 1) Homemade Gifts

Week 7 (Nov. 15) Christmas Accent Craft #2

Week 8 (Nov. 22) Christmas Wreath Party

Week 9 (Nov. 29) O Christmas Tree

Week 10 (Dec. 6) Holiday Parties

Week 11 (Dec. 13) Gift Wrapping Contest

Week 12 (Dec. 20) Tour of Homes

I reserve the right to change these if I decide to ;)

I will go into more detail and offer ideas and suggestions for these topics as they approach, but really it is wide open. As long as your post somehow relates the the topic at hand then you're good. By all means, be CREATIVE!

If you link up every single week, you will be entered to win the BIG gift. The BIG gift is a secret but if you like Christmas and you love cute, then you will for sure want to win this. Promise! Be sure to FOLLOW so you don't miss a thing!

Clear as mud?

I think that's everything. I am on top of myself (SO beside myself that I'm actually now on top of myself). Somebody please tell me I'm not the only one this excited about the holidays' near arrival!


  1. I knew on the 25th that it was 3 months til Christmas. When you say 12 weeks, it seems shorter. I'm not ready to get ready, yet, but you are such an inspiration! I will be ready to join in next Sunday! Thank you so much for the motivation. I know that I do need to begin getting ready now for a wonderful, homemade Christmas!

  2. I would love to showcase your blog on my Christmas blog......I am going to do a post on good holiday blogs...

  3. Oooh, very interesting! I love Christmas as well. Already getting some shopping done!

    k.Mac is so busy for Christmas...would love to do a giveaway on my blog and link to you though. Perhaps a Christmas handbag?!


    I like the idea. Perhaps mark me down for November 5th handmade Christmas giveaway at my place. Will let you know for sure though soon!

    .mac :)

  4. I'm gonna have to read this again cuz I am confused! But I just learned how to make a cute little giveaway paper craft and I will see if I can modify for holiday giving when you just want something small as a remembrance.

  5. Of course, you know I won't be able to resist getting in on all this fun!! I'll do a giveaway for you which ever date you need me. Just let me know.

    "Dashing through the snow..."


  6. This sounds like fun, I'll link up next Monday. Thank you for stopping by my blog. You don't hear the name Jonah very often it's neat that you have one too!

    Take Care

  7. What a cool idea....I will be back=)

    Stopping by from SITS

  8. I'm so excited..du da du da...I just can't hide it...du da du da...I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!!!

  9. Yea Christmas! This sounds so fun! I better start making my list now...

  10. This is such a beautiful idea and I can't wait to participate.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  11. Ohh!! This is such a GREAT idea! I'm excited about this. I am for sure a big Christmas fan. :D

    Also, I am doing my first giveaway on my blog if you're interested:

  12. Count me in too! This sounds like a lot of fun. It will help keep me on track for the holidays too.

  13. Whooo! Bring on the holidays! Can't wait!

  14. I feel the same way about the holidays...I am already thinking ahead (and Hobby Lobby has their decorations out already!) So, I hope to join you

  15. Hey thanks for stopping by my place. This is a GREAT idea! Count me in too. Yippee!!!

  16. 12 weeks!! I am still trying to figure out how I'll get past Thanksgiving at this point!! It might just help me keep on track though- so I will try to join in the fun!


  17. What a fun idea!! Found you through The Fabulous Life of Jules and you have a new follower! I love Christmas! & Is there really only 12 weeks until then!? goodness!

  18. Just found your blog from Jules and now am a follower! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

  19. This sounds like so much fun! I just found your blog through Sonja @ For the Love of Stilettos (who found it through The Fabulous Life of Jules) and I am now a follower also! Thanks for starting some Christmas merriment! (I can't believe it's only 12 weeks away!) (O:

  20. Excellent idea. Check out my OrganizedChristmas post today. I found your blog on some blog from another blog, and so it goes. Your blog is oh so cute. I really like your ideas.

  21. Sounds like fun. Hard to believe it is so close. I found your blog through To Everything A Season.

  22. I'm now a follower and am linked for the Christmas List event! How fun! Can't wait to see how this all unfolds. I love Christmas!!!

    I'd love to do a give-a-way.
    Jayne at mysongwithin

  23. My mom just found this event and emailed my about it! (Jayne at My Song Within) I LOVE Christmas as much as you do! I have been listening to Christmas music since April. And I keep a Christmas countdown at the top of my blog year-round! So I am really excited about your 12 Weeks of Christmas! I will link up my first post today or tomorrow. I'm sooo excited!!! Sounds sooooooo fun!!!! Thanks for hosting this!


  24. Wow, such a wonderful idea, I am so excited to be a part of it, I LOVE Christmas so much and 12 weeks is not far away! I have done my first post so just need to know where to link it! - also sent you an email regarding being involved in the giveaways! Thanks for hosting this, such a lovely and fun idea! Also,I love your blog, will get back to looking around now!
    Hugs from downunder!

  25. Keelie, my co-authors and I are excited to particpate in the 12 Weeks of Christmas. I think you have been in touch with Karen R., who offered a gift (our sparkly gift book of collected memories and traditions, recipes and more). Looking forward to following you. This week on our regular Christmas blog we're posting about Christmas decorating, but we've covered many many topics in our close to 300 posts from last season and for the upcoming holidays.

  26. I love this idea and want to participate. I'm gonna have to make Christmas presents this year (economy has hit us) so I'm sure I am going to get alot of great ideas in your blog.

    I'm looking for someone who knows how to make those canvas painted door hangers you see around Christmas with a snowman or Santa usually painted on them. They are ususally about 1 1/2 yards long and slender. Let me know if you have the tips.

    Lee Ann

  27. This sounds like fun, I think I'll participate too, a little late! I also have something cute you could give away, if you still needed something!

  28. Just found out about this!!! I'm so excited! I'll link up next Sunday! Great idea :)
    All Things Heart and Home

  29. Keelie, hi. I think I'm being dense but I cannot get to the links for weeks four and now five. I go to this page but the links aren't live and even if I do older or newer posts I can't quite get it work. Sorry for adding to your to do list. Could you drop me a quick e-mail and tell me how to find the live links? Thx a bunch.

  30. I just found your blog but I love it! I'm gonna have to just jump in the middle here since I've missed half of the weeks already, but I may try to do some make ups!! What a wonderful idea. I love Christmas, too...I can't wait to read more of your entries!