Friday, September 25, 2009

The Birthday Girl

A year ago today Glory was born. She had some difficulty breathing and had to spend some time in the NICU.

For seven days we waited on the Lord to make her healthy and dreamed of the days we could take pictures like these:

Our girl is a fun little thing. She enjoys a good chicken stick with a side of English peas. She loves to take baths and just recently discovered splashing...

She could spend hours in her swing outside. Her latest hobby is basket-sitting. Yes, she likes to climb into baskets and sit in them. Cheap entertainment, what can I say? She takes after her Nanna and Aunt M ;)

Maybe she will be a reader? Granmary claims that "book" was her first word (spoken at about 6 months). Hmmm...

Here she is in a rare moment of pause, looking quite contemplative. Who could guess what goes on the head of a 1 year old? Happy Birthday Glo!

Dear Lord,
Your blessings never cease to amaze me. A year ago I was crying out to you to please protect my baby girl and to help me trust You with her life. Today I am still asking the same things of you. Raising a girl in this world seems like such a daunting task. Lord please help me to help her realize her worth. Please help me help her to understand where her value comes from. I pray that on the day it seems much easier to be a friend than to be her mom that you would give me strength to be the latter. But Lord, if in time we could become best of friends and be able to serve You together that would be great, too! I pray that Glory will seek out all the fabulous plans You have for her and love you with all her heart while doing so. In Jesus' name, Amen.


  1. Your blog is beautiful...and so is that baby. I am looking forward to spending some time out here and looking around. I want to read about the DIY and all your other awards, too. But this morning is crazy with de-linting purses and throws for a show, washing my car, getting ready for weekend company AND babysitting our three year old granddaughter. So, I'm off! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the layout and format of yours! Just neat!

  2. Happy Birthday Glory! She is a sweet little girl. So glad she is healthy and happy.

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet baby girl! What a time to celebrate! God is so good!

  4. Happy Birthday Glory! I remember sitting next to your mom in Bible Study and her writing your name down on a piece of paper. I thought to myself...that's a perfect name!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. Birthday Blessings to Glory, and Joy, Grace, and Peace to Mom of Glory! What a wonderful prayer, Keelie. I joined with you in it as I read it. You're a great Mom, and keep praying for her....the best thing ever!

  6. Aw! She's adorable!! Happy 1st Birthday, Glory! So glad she is doing well, you are a strong woman:)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day to check out my fall mantel! Its great to meet you:)

  7. ahhh, Keelie, you did it again!, you made me cry BEFORE I got to the pictures, and now I'm really cryng lots of tears!
    Happy Birthday to Glory!
    I am praying with you!

  8. aww that is precious! she is so cute. you are a great mom :)

  9. What a sweet baby girl... Such a blessing!

    Happy weekend girl,

  10. Happy 1st Birthday Glory! She's come such a long way. I remember how scary those first days after her birth were. We were all calling out to God. I am so thankful that he took care of her...and you. Love her! Oh, the basket sitting, cracks me up. She just LOVES it! lol!

  11. Precious little girl you have there! How sweet! I only have stinky boys!! (hence the need for that toilet cleaner you read about, ha-ha)....
    Happy Bday to your little one!!!
    Happy Saturday!

  12. Happy Birthday Sweet Glory Girl! We were so worried about you -- what a precious treasure you are today! Many blessings on your first birthday, and everyday.

  13. What a beautiful birthday post and tribute to your adorable girl!! That prayer was amazing, you are such a good mom. I love that picture of reading in the rocker, LOL. :D

    I also wrote a post on my NICU baby's birthday awhile ago! He was in the NICU too on oxygen and it isn't easy, huh? :-/
    Here is the link to that post if you're interested: