Friday, September 4, 2009

Setting the Mood

For Fall people, for Fall. We're setting the mood for Fall...

With Candles!

I have yet to meet a Tyler Candle that I don't get along with. They are super smelly (in a good way) and they are totally cute to have sitting around your house. See:

The Circle E Candles are equally wonderful. The double wick in both these and the Tylers are special and make for a quick aroma. The Orange Pekoe Tea is a great fall smell with hints of citrus and spice. They also sell a Christmas candle called The Smell of Christmas. They aren't kidding! It's like they sucked Christmas right in the jar.

This is a little treasure I like to find at two of my very special friends, Marshall and Ross. There they are always about half of what they cost in the real place they come from. This apple scent is great and they also make a cranberry one that will knock your socks off.

I talked about this one in one of my previous fall posts. It is probably my #1 favorite-Aromatique's Apple Cider. Delicious.

I like to judge a candle in three ways:
  1. By its speed--How fast can it go from slight to stout?

  2. By its smell--Does it smell cozy?

  3. By its cover--Does it look cute? (I asked and it's okay to do that with candles and such)

How do you judge a candle? Humble yourself and tell us. I am headed to the woods for the weekend so TTYWIGB! (These things crack me up! But I think I invented this one, no?)


  1. Thanks for your concern re., the "problem" with my The plumed Pen" blog!..,In essence chock it up to utter and complete inexperience1.., After calming down, as was best, I had to "let go", forgive, and take a deep breath of calm!.., ALSO IT HELPED TO GET A LARGE DOSE OF PERSPECTIVE WHEN AN ELDERLY GENTLEMAN WHO KNOCKED ON OUR BED & BREAKFAST DOOR; A GUEST, TOLD ME OF THE RECENT DEATH OF HIS DEARLY BELOVED WIFE!.., Yes the problem is thankfully rectified now, thank God!.., blessing and cheers SILKEN PURSE

  2. Keelie, thank you for coming by my blog and for the lovely comment you left for me. I am a believer as well, and I love reading other Christians blogs. Yours I liked right away. I am a candle addict. lol. I love anything apple, vanilla, mulberry or cotton/crisp linen scented. And I judge it by scent and what it looks like on the outside (which as a big woman and in the middle of weight loss really doesnt sound like something I would do, considering I certainly dont want judged by what I look like on the outside lol), but I do want it to match wherever I put it in my house. lol.
    Please come back to visit often, I will yours as well. P.S. Your kids are adorable!! God Bless You!

  3. Since I worked at a veterinary hospital until recently, I've been using Pet Odor Exterminator candles. Granted I have no problem with "pet odor" but you wouldn't believe how potent these things are! Anyway, I prefer scents not be too sweet smelling or overly floral. My favorites are Mulberry Spice, Evergreen and Sugared Cranberry. Although Mango Pomegranate is also great.

  4. I love candles... all candles in fact. I haven't heard of a tyler candle before, so I'll need to investigate that!

  5. Candles are a must!

    k.Mac makes great ones too! My Sunshine for the Soul line carries homemade triple scented soy candles and 10% of every purchase goes to the Special Olympics!

    How great is that?~

    We have new flavors on the fall horizon too!

    A house that smells delish makes the dust bunnies go a little more unnoticed, don't you think?!

    Happy Wooding to you!

    .mac :)