Saturday, October 24, 2009

TWOC: All About the Food

**If you want to participate in The Twelve Weeks of Christmas--you can! Just click on the image below and it will explain everything.` If you're not ready yet feel free to join in at anytime. We are on Week 4 and have 8 more to go!**

I know this is not necessarily a good thing, but food has always been a central fixture to my Christmas experience. I will try to briefly summarize the food that I love to eat during this joyous time of year...

Beginning a few weeks before Christmas it's candy time. Growing up, my mom would always make a variety of candies--fudge, date loaf, divinity, Hello Dollies--to name a few and package them up for my teachers. I have fond memories of watching her drop the still-cooking candy into a tea cup with water to see if it was to the soft ball stage. So fun!

Party Food
Can you say APPETIZER? Oh my. This is probably my favorite family of holiday foods. In this category we have dips, various types of balls (sweet and savory), breads, dips, all kinds of stuff in the crock pot, cheese and crackers, dips, nuts, olives, did I mention dips? These are the foods that seem innocent enough--just a bite here, a bite there--and before you know it, someone has to roll you out to the car! You know what I mean? I can't wait.

Christmas Dinner
At some point we always have a traditional southern Christmas dinner complete with turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potato casserole, mac n' cheese, deviled eggs, rolls, iced sweet tea, and a buffet of the most beautiful pies and cakes. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have this entire meal twice at different family gatherings.

Breakfast Tradition
Finally, on Christmas night around 10:00pm my dad cooks breakfast for us. This includes bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs (sometimes omelets if he's in the mood), biscuits and gravy, fresh potato hash browns, and a varied selection of jellies, jams, honey and butter. You would think by this point in the game there would be no more room "in the inn" so to speak, but somehow we manage to scarf it all down and then eat leftover turkey the next day.

So that's all the food I will be eating come December. I am going to share several recipes for these favorites throughout the week on our family recipe blog Pass Your Plate. I've already posted a couple. Head on over there and be sure to follow along if you're a fan of good southern cookin'!


Week 4 Giveaway : Fit Band
The winner of this week's giveaway is going to have fun working off those extra holiday pounds because they are going to own a FIT BAND! These are so cute and cool!

Fit Bands are fashionable wristlets and lanyards, designed by Mary Jo Smith of 517 Creations, that you wear while you warm-up, stretch, walk, jog, or cool-down during your workout! They come with a silver ring that enables you to clip our Fit Cards, designed by Erin Franklin, onto them so that you can pray, memorize scripture and do devotionals while you exercise! Because seriously, who has extra time in their day or wants to get up any earlier than they already do to fit it all in?!!?

I just love this whole concept! The winner will be able to pick their favorite style. Go check out the blog Worthy of the Prize to find out how you can order your own Fit Band. These will make great gifts!

Now, share your post that tells All About the Food of Christmas in your home!


  1. Oh, yes, the appetizers! Yum!

    I love the Fit Band with the memory verses!

  2. I SO agree with everything you said in your first paragraph! Food is a big memory AND part of my Christmas experience too! Loved reading your stuff....

    By the way, I want to make those quilt cookies, do you have any ideas on where I would find old quilts??

  3. Your list sounds just like mine only we eat the breakfast in the morning on christmas day...then skip lunch for the big dinner.

  4. Oh how I am looking forward to the FOOD! Let the feasting begin!

  5. Your list looks like mine, except for the breakfast on Christmas night. My mom always makes a breakfast casserole for the morning after Christmas day, or whenever we're there to wake up in the morning.

    I know that you were so blessed to have a Mom and Dad that are both great cooks. I know Jase would love Coach Gage's breakfast on Christmas night!

  6. Oh the food, I am a southern girl and will be back share my recipes!!! However, right now I wanted to share with you something i left at my blog for you.check it out!

  7. The Christmas breakfast at night tradition is pretty awesome!

  8. Keelie, Just letting you know that I added the Mini Blinds recipe to my post.

  9. Keelie, I need to know when to put the pecans in your Pumpkin Crunch recipe. I don't see it.
    Thank you!
    I was planning to make it this afternoon.

  10. Is it OK to admit that I openly gasped when I read this post? Only 12 weeks until Christmas. I am not sure that I am going to make it. :)

    Your blog and your eye for design is simply amazing!


  11. Great post! Love the food, the memories, the food, Christmas, the food!!!
    I nominated you for a Blog Award!
    check it out here:

    Happy Memories and Happy Bellies!

  12. Can't wait!!

    I'll be back with a recipe.

  13. I love the appetizers, too!!! But I think baking and decorating are my favorite parts of Christmas. Oh, and watching my kids open their gifts...amazing to see the magic of Christmas in their eyes.

  14. Those bands look amazing!!! What a great idea.