Saturday, November 14, 2009

TWOC: Christmas Accent Craft No.2

Twelve Weeks of Christmas

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1. Starbucks Inspired Ornament Wreath

I'm not sure who was the originator of this, but this is the tutorial I used. So stinkin' cute and EASY. All you need is a coat hanger and some ornaments. Seriously! I love the way it turned out.

2. Dollar Tree Styrofoam AWESOMENESS

This is made of Styrofoam. It was $1. I don't know if you can tell, but it ain't purty. Yet.

A little craft paint , hot glue and burlap later... I LOVE this!

3. Burlap Pillow Cover with Felt Cut-Out

White felt cut-out: $1. Half yard of burlap:$1. Itchy, messy brown holiday pillow: priceless.

{This is where I hot glued two pieces of burlap around an old dirty accent pillow a very rustic look.}

The Giveaway
Tonight I got crazy and made a tassel. I was inspired by Linda. I tried to do it the professional way. It looks kinda gaudy. Okay. It looks really gaudy, but it's my first try. My second try will be the TWOC Week 7 Prize. You are just gonna have to trust me on this one. I will make it really fancy and chic for you! If I get good I might make 2. Ya hear that? Double giveaway! Maybe.

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  1. I think the tassel is darling! I so want to try to make a few!


  2. The wreath looks great! Exactly what I was picturing in my head! I need to make one! :-)

  3. All adorable! Love the wreath.. I've seen those around a bit lately.. Just might give that a try.. mini version. Very cute accents!

  4. I love coming here to get my decorating fix. Since I am not good at being creative. Great job.

  5. Love the tassel. But that wreath is a MUST do!!

  6. that starbucks inspired wreath is pretty cute! I was totally expecting something else when I read "starbucks inspired", like old cups or something. Your tassel is SUPER cute! I made a tassel out of a creepy santa head from the dollar tree...the result...creepy tassel! LOL

  7. Oh man. I am out of glitter. What the heck am I gonna make this week. I have an idea. Are you scared? ha! Cute ideas, Keelie. Not sure how you changed the wording from Rejoice to Believe but that was clever, clever, clever.

  8. i made a wreath like that several weeks ago and posted it on my blog. not sure if you saw it. yours is cute!

  9. I made a wreath like that too!!! I will post pics later this week. I love the tassle!!

  10. I haven't even dug my Christmas stuff out of storage yet! I just can't do it til Thanksgiving is over and Santa's arrival in the Macy's parade has officially started the holiday season.
    I LOVE the tassle tho!
    I wish I were crafty!

  11. First off I think your tassel is really cut. you will have to show it off for my tassel party on Tues. I made a couple this weekend. My husband just looks at me like I am nuts.

  12. AND I can't wait to see your project finsihed.

    I hope you will post your fun projects to the Its So Very Creative party on Mon (up Sunday Nights)


  13. Love the tassel and just found your wonderful 12 weeks of Christmas! I'm late for this one but I'll link again on Friday!!
    All Things Heart and HOme

  14. I have a confession to make - I haven't made a tassel yet - but I found yours to be very cute and would love to win your first or second try! I might get brave enough to try one yet!

  15. Hi Keelie... I loved your class at the girlfriends morning on Saturday... very clever ideas!

  16. I love the pillow! I have seen the felt ornaments at the dollar store and thought they would make cute place mats. But I love the pillow idea!!

  17. I'm a new follower! And I'm sorry, I posted my link to my Give Thanks banner before I realized that it was a Christmas accent post. I haven't gotten that far in decorating yet!

  18. Oh my! The burlap pillow and the wreath are my favorite! I'd love to do a couple tassels around my house...hhhmmm.....

  19. I'm so late. (sorry) Wow! You have the best DIY holiday ideas. I love the wreath (I made one last year with Eddie Ross' instructions). I love the felt and burlap pillow too (lol at itchy and messy but so pretty!).

    Thanks for sharing your ideas in the DIY holiday party. I can't wait to check out the other links in your TWOC. I'm going to need a day to catch up. ;)

    Take care and have a great rest of the week!


  20. Love all your crafts for this week! I love your wreath! I may have to make one, too.