Saturday, November 7, 2009

TWOC: Shopping!

When I planned out the themes for each week of the 12 Weeks of Christmas, I thought that this would be the week I was really beginning to think about Christmas shopping. I was right!

My husband and I will sit down together at some point this week and make a list of everyone we will be giving a gift(s) to. We will then attempt to decide on the gift(s) for each person, estimate the cost and effectively create our Christmas List/Budget.

Then He turns me LOOSE!

What do I LOVE about Christmas shopping? What's not to love?! First and foremost I just enjoy the atmosphere so. Christmas trees are everywhere, larger-than-life ornaments hang from ceilings, big beautiful bows dot the displays, Christmas music is playing all around, and the people are hustling and bustling about.

I love the satisfaction of checking off a purchased gift. I love the dilemma of finding two perfectly suited gifts for one person and having to pick one. Or not picking and getting both. {bye bye budget} I love asking for gift boxes and finally getting a "Yes, how many?" I love that I can usually be wearing a jacket and scarf while doing all of this shopping. I love hopping in and out of the car all day long.

Mostly I just love being with whomever it is that I am with while doing all of this shopping. I love shopping with my hubby for the kiddos...trying to decide if what he wants to get Jonah {4 yr. old son} is more for him or really for Jonah. I love shopping with girlfriends and the occasional movie-going experience that is the perfect ending to a long day of shopping madness. I love going shopping with my mom, as we have for so many years...

I am SO ready! Bring on the SHOPPING!!!

This week's giveaway is the perfect companion for the avid shopper. One of the places you simply must visit in the midst of a Christmas shopping spree...

You guessed it! The pride and joy of Seattle...


The Week 6 winner will receive a $25 Starbucks gift card!
{Order a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate for me, will ya?}

And remember, even if you don't like this place, someone you are SHOPPING for does ;)

To be entered in the Week 6 giveaway you can link up a "Christmas Shopping" related
post. If you are a follower who would like to be entered in the giveaway, leave me a comment.
If you do both--2 entries.


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  1. A Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate? I've never heard of such a thing...are they going to look at me funny & laugh if I order this??? B/c it sounds interesting and I want to try it!

  2. Heidi--YES! Salted Caramel Hot CHocolate is amazing. I went to Starbucks today and it wasn't on the menu--it was a seasonal item from last year. I asked if they had it and the girl was all "Yeah--I can make that for you." So hopefully wherever you go they will know what you mean. Keep going till you find one--its worth it.

  3. I love the sweet and salty combo! I will def have to try your suggestion!

    Shopping- gosh I wish I had a post to post but I haven't even had time to think about a list yet.
    Sure could use the free coffee for when I am in the frantic " I need to shop" mode because I haven't been organized like you!


  4. I love Christmas shopping too... Starbucks coffee's make it all the more fun. Pumpkin Spice Latte, and Peppermint Mocha's are my fav.!!

  5. That's a new one I'll have to try! I'm with you on the! Hope you enjoy!


  6. I love salted caramel hot chocolate too!

  7. I love Christmas shopping too. I love going with my mom every year on Black Friday. So so fun.
    I would love to win that gift card. My dad loves starbucks.

  8. i am gonna try that drink - i love the caramel apple cider - feels very christmasy to me!

  9. Oh how I love Christmas shopping. And since I do it in July, it would be nice to have a coffee while I watch everyone else frantically running around the mall ;)

  10. You make me want to start Christmas shopping right now. I dread this until the time gets near - then once I'm out there shopping I get full of Christmas cheer. I try to let go of all the stress of getting there and waiting in line. :) Thank you for reminding me of the warm fuzzies vs. the stress I sometimes get while shopping!

  11. Your shopping traditions sound very fun! I haven't done my shopping post yet, but I hope to have it up tonight or tomorrow. Thanks again for hosting TWOC. It is very fun!


  12. Thanks for the suggestion on the hot chocolate. It sounds yummy! I just ordered my first Christmas gift online this week.

  13. I love love love shopping! everyone in my family thinks I'm nuts but I do love it! I wait anxiously for Black Friday to get here to officially start the Christmas season. I love the crowds and the Christmas music....and even tho I have very little to spend on my children, I love finding deals and little things to put under the tree and in their stockings. Just because times are tuff, shopping shouldn't be a chore. It's all about the love and thought put into each gift, right? :)

  14. Hopefully my christmas burlap pillow made with grocery bags works! lol might be a bit of a stretch, but hey, you go shopping to get the bags, right? :)

  15. I blindly order the same old thing every time I go to Starbucks...I would have totally missed this...I love caramels with sea salt, so I have to try this!

    Holly @ 504 Main

  16. Yummyyy!!! Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, is my FAVORITE!!!! How delish are these while out shopping and enjoying the craziness this time of year brings!!! Thanks for the Giveaway, BTW I am a FOLLOWER!!!!!

    Michelle Torres

  17. I never heard of a salted caramel hot chocolate but I think Ill try one! My favorite from Starbucks is the White Peppermint Mocha!!! Ill have one of those on my shopping trip the day after Thanksgiving! These TWOC posts are getting me in the Christmas Spirit!!!

  18. Have you ever tried a Raspberry white mocha? YOu ain't lived til you have, girl!

    Crossing my fingers that I win this one...I can never have too much Starbucks!

  19. I LOVE your list of reasons you love shopping for the holidays. So many of them would be on mine as well. I especially love shopping in the evening when all of the lights outside and on the display trees are lit! So pretty! I love the Hot Caramel Apple Cider at Starbucks! So yummy!

  20. Ooh I'd love to win!What a great way to build up to Christmas!:)

  21. The sweet and salty sounds soooo good! and like you I am already into my Christmas plans./

  22. Yummm I'm a follower and would love to be entered. I just found your blog last week. Thanks for the inspiration. I've jumped right into the middle of your 12 weeks of Christmas challenge.

  23. Ah, yes! The lists, the hunt, the budget (or lack thereof), the beauty of the decorations and Christmas music - it's all so wonderful! Your traditions sounds perfectly wonderful!
    I'm all linked up and have my give-away from Week Five ready to mail!

    Thanks for TWOC and Christmas Blessings,
    Jayne at mysongwithin

    PS: I LOVE STARBUCKS!!!! Two of my grandsons work there.

  24. MMM Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate sounds really good right now! Although, I wish we were having "better" weather...I realize many think this weather is beautiful but I'm READY FOR COLD! Of course, this goes hand in hand with Starbucks, I can't bring myself to order a warm drink when it's 75 degrees outside....UGH!! Can't wait to post!

  25. oops, that last one was actually me so again, coffee? Yes please! lol

  26. Ah the joys of Christmas shopping.
    I have begun the process, but I'm failing to take complete joy in the act (yet again).
    This is a difficult Christmas for me as my complete family has changed.
    The topper is that my son doesn't live with us anymore.
    Yes, this is tough for me. I'm trying to be positive, but it's hard.
    Starbucks makes everything better though doesn't it. : )
    No Christmas shopping post for me, but I'm following now.
    Happy Day to you !!

  27. I will always be a follower of the Red Writing Blog. . .Thank you for hosting TWOC, maybe I will be ready when CHRISTmas Day gets here. . .and I have my shopping post posted in 2 parts on both my blogs.
    If I win, I'll have to share the gift card with Kalyn. She is the Starbucks lover.