Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bible Reading Plan "B"

So I am changing my reading plan. Sorry if you already printed out the other one and secured it to the inside of your Bible as I instructed you...ha! I found out on Sunday that our entire church is reading through the Bible together (AWESOME!) and we are using one of the plans that pulls from several different places, as some of you indicated being your preference. It looks like a really good plan so I hope you'll consider it for yourself.

I found a link to the Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan so you can go check it out. I think you might actually need to purchase it on their website to be on the "up and up" rather than just printing the link out. It was probably purchased by the church who has it posted. I would encourage you to visit the Navigators website and purchase it right here.

The thing I like most about this particular plan that there are only 25 readings per month so you can avoid falling behind--which I am likely guaranteed to do. Anyway, that's the plan I'm using so if I do end up journaling much on here, I wanted you to know why I started in Matthew rather than Genesis.


  1. Happy New Year Keelie! You are so amazing at organizing these things!

  2. Keelie, this looks good. I am thinking about trying the Reading the Bible in 90 Days! that I found on the Keeping the Kingdom First Blog.
    I am also liking reading from where I started on Tues. in Ecclesiastes and I Timothy. I'm in Isaiah and Hebrews now.

  3. Keelie, I found a cool plan that I recently posted on my blog, and enjoying giving honorable mention to the "Red" part of Red Writing! : )