Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hearts on the Wall

I haven't had any crafty projects to speak of for weeks. It's killing me!!! I have GOT to find some time for a DIY day or I am going to go insane {quite literally}. Maybe later this week...

Last week I finally removed the last sign of Christmas from the house when I changed the Christmas quilt cookies out for fabric hearts. Easy and effective transition. Someone suggested this when I posted about "quilt cookies" for the first time. So whoever you were, thanks!

This is my kitchen "mantle." It is my favorite spot to decorate in the house.

And of course--I mean the Jesus kind. 1 John 4:19


  1. I love the kitchen mantle idea!!! (I wish I had wall space in mine!) And I love hearts, so I'm loving your displays! Now I've gotta go back and look for your "Christmas Quilt Cookies" (I'm a sucker for quilts! )

  2. hey, me again! I had to go and find those Christmas ones... adorable!!! Once upon a time, I scored an old "cutter" quilt for FIFTY CENTS!!! (the wife left the husband in charge of their yard sale and he didn't know what to ask for an old ugly quilt - giggle). Of course, that is long since gone...I made angel's wings from mine!

  3. I love the hearts in frames. Super cute idea. Great job!

  4. Awesome idea - heart cookie quilts! I will have to borrow that idea for sure. Also what a clever girl with the kitchen mantle! LOVE it all (pun intended for vday decor).

  5. Awe, very nice. I can feel the love. Miss ya, Love ya! Let's hang out soon!

  6. Love what you have done!!!
    the fabric hearts are great, and the kitchen mantle-envious!!!