Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 1: I'm thankful for the coffee.

I thought I'd start this month of gratitude off on a lighter note. You know, save the biggies for later in the month. Although coffee does hold a pretty special place in my heart.

Coffee is basically awesome.

It is, it really is. You can make it taste like fruit, dessert...diesel as I sometimes prefer. It is versatile. Tastes good hot or cold. In ice cream and chocolate frosting. I even have a candle that smells like coffee for when I am not consuming it.

Coffee travels well and makes traveling delightful. Even a trip to have a mole removed becomes a joy when you are able to bring along a nice, hot, huge disposable cup of coffee with lots of sugary, syrupy creamer in it. What mole? Coffee. Yum.

(I've never actually had a mole removed but if I did have to, I would want coffee, I'm sure.)

Coffee attracts people also. Really awesome people who naturally love to chat. Coffee always=chat.  Sometimes coffee=deep, life-altering conversations. Either way it's coffee+talking and that always =FABULOUS in my book. If you've shared coffee with me, chances are you share life with me, too and I love you. And I'm thankful for you, you coffee-loving fool.

What can make an ordinary, loathsome trip to Wal Mart just a smidge tolerable? I'll tell you what. Knowing that for a few bright shining moments, right before you hit the freezer section, you're gonna get to experience the greatness that is "The Coffee Aisle." Multiple brands, strengths and flavors of java. When you consider that very close by is the vast array of creamers that change with the seasons, just like decor at Hobby Lobby, you remember that the combination possibilities are endless. This is what you put your focus on for the remainder of the shopping trip--brewing the strongest pot of coffee you ever had as soon and you get home. Even before you get the groceries put up. Either that or you think about driving through a Starbucks as soon as you check out. All of this hope in the middle of the most horrific place in Grayson County! It's beautiful.

I love the anticipation during a meal shared with friends, "Who will want to have coffee with me? How many cups will I need to make? How strong should I make it? What flavors will I offer?" (By the way, I can't really trust anyone who drinks weak coffee. Just saying.)

Anyway, I'm thankful for the coffee. And for the people who drink it with me, in person and in spirit.


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