Friday, August 9, 2013

King-Size Changes

Last night was our first night on a new mattress. We went from a king to a queen because the bedroom we are about to move into is a little bit smaller than our current one. (Also there is a really cute queen frame that I can have for free ;-) Slept like a rock!! My husband's feet hang off the end (he's 6' tall) and we didn't really check that before we brought it home. But he says he slept like a rock so I guess we're good.

It was fun getting the mattress all set up and putting the sheets on. The anticipation of the way the new plush yet firm bed would feel holding up the arch in my lower back was just too much! I took a shower and shaved my legs because you know that getting under clean sheets with just-shaved legs is one of the greatest gifts God ever gave a woman.

I laid down first. I was swishing my arms and legs as if I was making snow angels on a December day (only its early August and hotter than hades here). I started to get still and close my eyes when Justin plopped down beside me. His arm was touching mine. Not okay! Then he rolled on his side and so did I and our our arms and legs intertwined. I kept whining "We messed up...we messed up!" He was just smiling. We've been sleeping on cots for a few days, he was happy.

So we went to sleep. And as I said, slept like a rock.

One of the other reasons we talked ourselves into this new, smaller bed is that it is precisely made for two adults. (More like 1.5 as it turns out, but moving on...) So our logic was that little bodies could not slither their way up between us in the wee hours of the morning. Messed up again. Six AM little brown eyes are peeking out behind the tattered blanket she slept on her first night in this home. In my new queen bed. Little eyes staring, little feet nudging, little arms that smell like summer still found a way into the plush yet firm queen bed and around my neck.

Lots of changes around this place. Exciting, fun, and sometimes panic-inducing. But at the end of the day we always get to go to sleep. With the promise of a new day and new mercies and hopefully...little brown eyes to greet us with the dawn.

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  1. We need a new mattress! My back is dying over here, I sleep half the night on the bed and half on the sofa. I would need like a bank loan for a new one lol I am glad you both slept well :)