Friday, November 28, 2008

I Love Christmas

The 3 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are magical. There is so much to love about the season. I love to listen to Christmas music on the radio. I love to search for just the right gift to give my loved ones. I love the hustle and bustle and decorations at the mall. I love shopping with my mom and driving through a Starbucks every chance we get...somehow, the holidays give us permission to do this. I love walking into my dark home and flipping the switch on the tree. I love to bake and make candy to package up and take to someone special. I love taking part in all of the traditions of my husband's family from the Christmas craft we make on Thanksgiving night to the thrilling and endless process of opening gifts on Christmas Eve. I love to watch the 1985 Christmas video that my parents have hidden away the rest of the year. I love the sappy Christmas movies on Lifetime. I love to go to Christmas parties. I love to eat breakfast at my parents' house on Christmas night. I love to wrap presents and pile them up under the tree. I love to look at all of the beautiful lights on houses. I love to go to the movies and see a good holiday flick. I love to write my letter to Santa. I love to read Luke 2:1-20. I love to see the spirit of giving develop in my child's heart.

Most of all, I love the fact that such a huge deal is still made each December because of a baby who was born so long ago. People may deny His gift of everlasting life, but no one can deny the gift of JOY He gives us to celebrate His birth. Happy Birthday, Jesus!


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