Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Little Known Facts

I forced my husband take me to my Senior prom...we weren't even dating or really that good of friends. More about this in my "anniversary post" coming soon, Dec. 15th.

I am somewhat obsessed with John Mayer and have recently sought help.

I always start books but never finish them, come to think of it I start a lot of things that I never finish.

I attended 4 different colleges in a span of 5 years; my original major was interior design and I am about 1 semester short of completing that degree.

I was voted "best smile" in my high school yearbook when I was a sophomore.

In 2nd grade I peed in my pants at school and made up the lame but apparently convincing explanation that I fell in the toilet which my teacher and mother believed until I confessed years later. I can still see the look on my table mate--little Stephen Topeka's face as he watched the pool of pee form under my desk. I wonder if he still remembers that...

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  1. Confession. Here's hoping no one I know will read my comments, :) but I too had a bathroom accident of sorts, being the early learner that I am, in 1ST Grade (one of many silent claims to fame in my repetoire). I tried to blame it on the girl behind me. (Mmmm,what was I thinking?). The wet army-green skirt was a dead give away. The fact that my teacher could twist an apple in two with HER bare hands had something to do with my reticence in making my request for a bathroom break known. I grew up a ranchers daughter in Montana attending a small country school, but even country folks knew courage was a necessity in daily life. What did I do for clean clothes? Cannot recall. Oh, your post brought back a "flood" (no pun intended) of memories. Blessings.