Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Give Me Your Eyes

If you don't know, I teach elementary art. It is a pretty fun job. I get to be messy all day (something I am good at), be creative, and spend time with kids. I have to admit, sometimes I get frustrated. Just just think of how you can become angry or upset with your own children--this happens very rarely, I'm sure! Now imagine a room full of sometimes unappreciative, annoying, whiny, tattle-telling, LOUD, disrespecting angels:) that don't share your DNA. There's not a whole lot that would keep you from wanting to tan some hide...other than the fact you most certainly would be fired, sued, arrested, etc. My point is--sometimes it is hard to love the little rugrats!

Last night was the annual Youth Art Month show. Each school in the district (over 40 campuses now!) has 40 to 50 artworks on display at a central location. Students from every school come with parents, relatives, and friends to view their artwork and receive a certificate. I always love it because I get to see the children outside of the school setting and with their family. It makes me realize how very special each child is to somebody--they are the center of their mommy's world, just like my children are to me. At the same time, I realize that for some children, school is a safe haven from home. It might be the only place on earth where they have the opportunity to feel loved.

As an educator, my prayer is always that God would let me see these children through His eyes. I pray that what feels unnatural to me--loving a child that is not my own--would become as natural as breathing. I pray that I would be sensitive to the hurts, fears, and frustrations of the little souls who are about to walk into my classroom.

Some artwork from the show:


  1. That's some great artwork! Go students!! I love your perspective on teaching-seeing the children through His eyes. While we homeschool, we still pray for the Godly teachers who are in the schools loving our children the way their maker would. Glad to have you coming by field lily from time to time. Greatest blessings and joy!-Kathy

  2. This is great! Wonderful perspective! One of the pieces of artwork looks familiar. I think you guys were working on it when I observed. You are a great art teacher. That shows by your kiddos work! Love ya!

  3. The world needs more teachers like you!