Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where I Wear My Heart

Several years ago I was visiting with a co-worker. I don't remember exactly how it came up, but at some point in the conversation she told me that she felt, as did several others, that I "wore my heart on my sleeve." My first reaction was to agree. "I know. I need to stop that!" But after the talk ended and she left I began to stew over this. Why had she said that? A person that I work with but do not even know that well had thought enough about my personality to conclude and even felt it necessary to tell me that I wear my heart on my sleeve? As well as others? The nerve!

As you most likely noted, her assertion was effortlessly proven correct in the moments that followed our talk. I was offended. Yes, I was offended that someone had pointed out how very easily they could tell when I was offended. Oh, my. Houston, we have a problem!

I have begun reading a book about being offended. The author refers to offense as "the devil's trap." Did you know that it's not okay for us to be offended? I mean, sure things are going to rub us the wrong way from time to time or in my case many times, but to hold onto that offense is a sin and ultimately will lead to the captivity of our heart. I have a problem with offense that has never registered with me...until now. I have only read the first few pages of this book, but the sting of conviction is almost, dare I say--offensive! Nevertheless, I have begun the daunting task of peeling my heart off my sleeve and putting it back in the place where it belongs.

Note to self: remove post, Things that Bother Me.


  1. Wow. Pretty sure I need to borrower this book after you. I wear my heart there as well!

  2. Hmm. Honest, and well said! How many of us are right where you are and have not acknowledged such.