Wednesday, March 25, 2009

(Distraught) Idol Thoughts

Imagine my despair as I plopped down on the sofa after a laborious day of educating the future of America to enjoy one of the few decent pleasures in life--American Idol--only to find out that the DVR had NOT been set to record. OH. MY. GOSH. Why? Why didn't Justin set it to record??! ;o)

Can you hear me whining?

Well, the saving grace was that I had only missed the first hour. Good! I thought. Surely the less desirable acts are already behind us and only Idol awesomeness ahead. WRONG.

Enter: Cheeseball. Now, AKA Corny (one judge's descriptive that I thoroughly enjoyed). Awesome. Okay, there is this casserole that I make and it is the ONLY way that cheese and corn are good together. Michael--GO HOME. Spare me another night of covering my eyes in shame. Come back to the Lone Star State and sing the National Anthem at such venues as Ranger Games and the Mesquite Rodeo. You might also have a future as a Doritos spokesperson...check it out.

And then...THEN! Just when we wanted to take away his Idol Membership Card Adam comes out and TOTALLY REDEEMS himself! Am I right? People--he was back. Although I don't love earrings in both ears of a man, I am willing to look past it because of one word. Humility. Adam is humble, yet confident. Perfect combo for any human being. He is good and he knows it, but he realizes that he has to earn his spot as the next American Idol which, for the record, he is totally capable of doing. Haters--what say you?

Allison did a good job. Sorry, don't have much to say for her. Never do.

Let me group together the acts that I did not care for: Lil. If we could hear those vocals without the instruments everyone would be covering their ears. It was BAD, ya'll. Danny. Dude, when Smoky Robinson tells you to do something a certain way on Motown Night, do it. I don't know...seems like a no-brainer to me.

Now, I feel that I must weigh in on the performances that, unfortunately, I missed (I'm not bitter). I carefully listened to the voting snippets at the end of the show and I think I was able to get a pretty good feel for how things went.

Anoop-- Baby! Sounded awesome. His voice is so smooth you could pour it over fresh-out-of -the-oven buttermilk biscuits. (Pretty good line, huh? I stole it.) I am so, so, so, so, so sorry for the awful things I said about Anoop in the beginning. The Beat It performance will just become like a family story that was not funny at the time, but ends up being classic. Thanks for the memories, Anoop.

Kris--My dear. My John Mayer fix. (You can't deny the similarities.) Love the guitar. Love the song. Love the lip smacking. Love it! (Please-- no derogatory JM comments.)

Meagan--Stunning again. It looked as if the hips were still in check. I am all about her vocals. I just keep wondering if the tape will come loose and her body will break into uncontrollable convulsions. Hmmm. It could happen...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounded as if Matt had an off night.

It is time for the ever-endearing Scott to move on. I don't mind if he stays around for another week or so because I'd rather see him perform than some of the others (Allison, Lil, Matt, Michael...) but he doesn't really belong on the Idol stage at this point. Move on to Broadway, perhaps. What did the judges say?

So that's it. I am still trying to recover from my wrinkle in Idol time. I truly feel violated. Please, if you watched the show in it's entirety, fill in the gaps by leaving a comment.

Also--please take the American Idol Fan Survey on the right side of the blog. I will post the results before tomorrow night's show.

Final Idol thought-- Kara may be "easy on the eyes" but I have um... 4 words for her: YOU CAN'T COUNT.

Red Writing, out!


  1. I missed the first hour of the show as well - turned it on right in the middle of "The Cheeser".

    My response to your comments:
    Michael: Doritos Spokesperson - That's funny right there, I don't care who you are!

    Adam: This guy has been a roller coaster with me. One week I hate him and the next I love him. He won me back this week. Although, Steph, Katy and I all agreed that tonight he had a strange resemblence to the character "Robbie Rotten" in the childrens show "Lazy Town" on Noggin.

    Allison: She was really good.

    Lil: Nothing special.

    Danny: He was one of the best of the night. (And he did do what Smoky said.) I have yet to hear the guy miss a note.

    (Only saw the highlights for the rest of these)
    Anoop: I wasn't impressed.

    Kris: He didn't stand out. (Who is John Mayer by the way?)

    Meagan: She looks good, but she is kinda starting to get on my nerves.

    Matt: Nothing special.

    Scott: I can't help but wish the best for the guy, but I think he might be better off in Branson or Dollywood. (Katy turned to me last week and with a concerned and somewhat scared voice said, "Daddy, I don't like his smile".)

    Kara: She is the best thing that has happened to the show since Carrie Underwood. Check out her resume - she is the most accomplished of all of the judges and in my opinion the only one that has really done something musically. I don't really know how to say this, but . . . . I think I may be falling for her.

  2. Are you sure Danny did do what Smokey said? I heard Smokey tell hinm to sing the "well alright"s and "you're outta sight"s. Danny agreed with him during the rehearsl but did not do that during the performance. It was made uncomfortably obvious everytime the camera went to the back-up singers for those parts... Am I missing something here??

    I can not stop laughing at what Katy said about the smile. You know everyone is thinking it!I would TOTALLy go to Branson to see him.

  3. First, I must say, I love that you blame Justin for the recording issue (or lack of). That's awesome and hilarious! As for AI, I love Adam. That's all I can say.....ear rings and all. I love watching and listening to him. I am shocked that Megan wasn't in the bottom three and I agree with Rob (above), she's really starting to get on my nerves as well. I feel bad for Michael but let's face it, it was his time to go home. I did wonder at the end why it took so long for the judges to decide not to "save" him. I was thankful when Simon delivered the news. Can't wait till next week. Also, I really like that wallpaper too!

  4. I have the the whole two hours recorded if you still want to watch it. I didn't really watch the other night so I was going to go back and watch it. I did see Danny though and he didn't do what Smokey said, which I thought was HORRIBLE!