Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Idol Thoughts, Part Deux

Okay. Ahhem. (Picture me trying not to lol) I am not sure WHAT he was thinking...
Beat It? Are you kidding me? The song title is prophetic for Anoop. Tonight it's poop for Anoop. Sorry, I couldn't help it.

Let's not forget this fellow Texan. He is a real contender. I keep wincing and waiting for him to miss a note, but he doesn't. The cheese factor is a little distracting for me at times, but Mikey is coming into his own.

STOP the MADNESS! I feel the need to vomit when I watch her dance. I am embarrassed for her. I agree with Rob (see comments on previous post)...her vocals are interesting. I really like to hear her. (Although last night's Rockin' Robin was a bit much) If only we could restrain her somehow...

Here is another one of my favorites. He is flying a little under the radar at the moment, it seems. Danny is going to need to pull out the big guns pretty soon (which I know he's got) and that should secure his spot in the finals. He is "different" which is to his advantage.

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