Thursday, March 19, 2009

Idol Thoughts

First let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed the Carrie and Randy duo. It was amazing and although I don't listen to Country music anymore, the Grand Ole Opry theme took me back to the country songs of my childhood thus inspiring the compilation of awesomeness you are currently listening to. And now for the good, the bad, and the downright ugly!

The Good
Anoop--not so much poop. I was wrong and I apologize. Anoop totally redeemed himself with a classic. I would totally buy that song and since Justin tells me he has purchased an itunes card, I might just do so. Anoop is in it for another week, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he won't be able to live up to this excellent song choice many more times.
I think Kris did a great job. I could have picked out a better song for him like a classic George. I would have put him in a starched shirt, boots and cowboy hat. A large belt buckle and his guitar would have completed the ensemble. Oh well, he didn't ask me, so I'll settle for the Hope Floats tune and just be glad my personal favorite will be back next week.
He started off like he didn't really care. Like he knew he was going to do so well on the chorus that he just wanted to hurry up and get there. Thankfully, the chorus was all he thought it would be and enough to carry him through to another round. I hope Danny will step it up a notch next week but overall--a good job from the Gokester.
Thank the Lord! Her hips must have been affected by the flu and I am sorry about that for her sake (physically) but just knowing that she can actually stand still made it possible for me to list her under the "good" category. Patsy Cline was a very nice choice and Megan looked just beautiful. I almost forgot about her sleeve tattoo.
Ah, Matt...the Timberlake-a-like. That in itself should be enough to make me not like him, but I think he did really well. It seems to me like he has the most potential in the competition. The questions is, will he live up to it? Only time will tell.
The Bad
I hate to say it but Scott really let me down this week. Wild Angels? Really? I could think of so many other songs that would have been good for him What about The Dance? I wanted him to sing The Dance. Oh, well. Sorry, Scott but it was bad for me this week.
I don't have much to say about her. I don't guess it was really bad, but I am indifferent so that earns Kim a spot in the Bad category. At this point, you really need to stand out.
Ditto what I said about Lil.
Alexis's candle burned out prematurely, I'm afraid. Jolene could have been done so much edgier. I wanted her to do something more with the 3rd Jolene in the chorus and she just cut it off. Frustrating. Why didn't Randy tell her? I don't think I would have picked her to go home, but agreed--not good.
The Ugly
What can I say? WEEE-URD. I felt like I was on drugs or something while I watched. I still think he will win, though.
Oh, Michael-you Texas-sized cheese-ball! You know what they say about cheeseballs--you can only eat so much before you wanna barf.


  1. I agree with you on the Carrie Underwood & Randy Travis performance - GREATNESS!

    Before this week I was really being open-minded and giving Adam a chance. I really thought he might win it all. After this week, I think he needs to be horse-whipped. Johnny Cash probably rolled over in his grave.

  2. Haha! Love your commentary. I didn't get to watch it this week and because my DVR is garbage I don't have it recorded either, so I enjoyed your thoughts! Can't wait to watch next week! :-)

  3. Keelie, since I don't watch IDOL (no cable, barely any reception otherwise), I'll have to check in next week. Uh....I think Adam looks waaaay too much like a Michael Jackson...that in and of itself knocks him out. Keep the great posts coming! : )

  4. You're cracking me up! Great reviews. Pretty much agree...except I rather like Megan...tatoo and all...I don't think she'll win...but she's different!

  5. I liked Carrie and Randy's duet too BUT I didn't like her hair and didn't realize that Randy was getting that old. My original favorite was Jesse (I think that was her name: the one who sang Bettye Davis Eyes). She didn't make it to the Top "13" and since she's gone, I don't really have a another favorite YET. I like Megan but I'm embarassed for her too and often find myself leaving the room so that I can hear her sing, but not see her dance. I must say :( I'm not a fan of your fav Kris. It's something with his mouth when he sings. I do love Lil Rounds though, but I think she did Martina no justice with Independence Day. BTW- I think all your comments and stories are great! This is a great page you have and I do believe I'll be revisiting!

  6. Thanks for all the comments! We are all going to give Adam another chance even though Kathy pointed out that he looks like Michael Jackson. Hadn't really thought about that, but yes, I do see the connection. Nevertheless-one more chance. And Kendra--glad you stopped by. Yes--its not that I don't enjoy Meagan's vocals, quite the contrary--I just can't get past the moves. Embarrasing is EXACTLY what it is. You are also correct to point out that Kris has a lip licking/smacking quirk, but we can get past that.
    Looking forward to our discussion next week. Send your Idol-lving friends so we can really get a debate going. The next few weeks should be awesome!

  7. Oh yeah--Carrie's hair WAS rediculous, Kendra, I agree. I can't believe I forgot to talk about that...

  8. Were I a judge, I would've asked Adam to hand over his "American Idol card" and told him to walk off stage. He might as well have chewed up that song and spit it out, it was horrible, in my opinion, of course! Just hope he isn't the for everyone else, I agree with what you said. It was definitely a "throwback" to music I've heard/listened to since I was kid and I've found myself listening to some of that music after American Idol, as I guess you have as well. As for Carrie, regardless of her hair/outfit/etc, in my eyes, she can do no wrong, LOVE the way she sings! (Although those things mentioned were NOT my cup of tea) There have only been 2 American Idols with any amount of complete success IMO, so I'm interested to see what this season holds!

  9. Wow--that comment might have actually HURT Adam, wherever he is. Harsh! But, yeah...

  10. I liked Carrie's hair . . . .