Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break Benchmark

1. Make signs for The Mission Field.
(in the works, do this weekend)
2. Do something fun and out-of-the-ordinary with family.
(Six Falgs)
3. Potty train Jonah.
(Not going to happen)
4. Clean my house.
(I'm hopeful)
5. Finish reading all the books I have started.
6. Get back on diet.
7. Exercise some.
(Does pushing a stroller at the mall qualify?)
8. Take a nap.
(I think it was Sunday that I snuck one in)
9. Third Day concert.
(not gonna :( happen)
10. Do something crafty.
(Lindsey and I made a cute frame for Caleb's room. Will post pics)
11. Cook a meal and invite the family over.
(Family invited, crock pot tomorrow)
12. Go to the park with the kids.
(On the way home from mall)
13. Visit with my Grandmother.
(Took meds and Glory--I was a very welcome guest)
14. Take lots of pictures.
15. Drink coffee that I make myself.
(This am I made a pot but out of my fave creamer)
16. Be still before the Lord
17. Had friends over for dinner on three different nights.
18. Lost and found my drivers license.
19. Went to mall.
20. Gave Jonah a haircut...myself.
21. Me day--I want to go to get a haircut, get my nails (that I quit biting)done, a pedicure, buy some flip flops and spring clothes for school.
22. Get a new feather pillow
23. Go back and get the clothes for Jonah that I had to leave at Children's Place when I realized I had lost my drivers license.


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