Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Idol Thoughts (In Real Time)

I taped tonight's show and am watching it back now that it is over so I can fast forward through the commercials. I thought I would pause it after each performance and type my thoughts before hearing the judges' remarks just to make sure my opinions are not being skewed. Here we go!

Me: I'm sorry but that sounds like me when I sing in the shower and I am just being ridiculous. Not good. But I did like her outfit.
Judges: They disagreed. She is the girls' "only hope" now. I was way off on that.

Me: This is one of my favorite movie songs ever--love Bryan Adams. Anoop is pretty consistent in that he doesn't make mistakes, but I'm afraid he doesn't have that "sauce" they were talking about. Good but forgettable.
Judges: "Anoop Dog in tha' house."

Me: Who is this guy? Does he have a soul? He is good--great--but I feel like he is more of an actor who can sing really awesome... I guess that still makes him a good singer. Darn it.
Judges: See! what Simon said--it's like he is in a musical.

Me: I hope somebody knew the Heimlich cause he choked.
Judges: They were easier on him than I would have been. They said he changed up the song too much and if he was going to do that that it had to be perfect. It wasn't.

Me: I am sobbing because I did the research on him this week and know that his "endless love" is the wife he lost 4 weeks prior to his audition. He may not be quite the entertainer that Adam is but at least he has a soul. Pardon my assumption--Adam may have a soul but he doesn't show it, I should say.
Judges: Simon had to be a jerk and tell him that it was boring, but congratulates him for what? Being emotional. What a tool...

Me: Well, no surprises here. I thought his performance was amazing. Loved the high notes and there were a lot of them. There is nothing Kris can do to ever make me stop singing his praises.
Judges: Randy is an idiot and Kara knows a good musician when she hears one.

Me: So long.
Judges: Farewell.

What did you guys think?


  1. I think you are pretty dead on, with the exception of Adam. He is in another league and in my opinion the best Idol to date...

    I hope Lil is put out of her misery.

  2. Allison's last performance was not as strong as she has done in previous weeks. She oversang a bit. But, she is definitely one of the top three, in my opinion.

  3. Ehh Adam...that's all I have to say. Yes he can sing, there is no denying that but his style is definitely not my cup o' tea! He reminds me of Taylor Hicks, not his singing style or anything like that, what I mean is...he will probably win and with that will come mild success at best, at least that's what I'm thinking lol. Again, just my opinion, but I do not care for him. Kris, well that's another story altogether....awesome!

  4. Adam is this years American Idol. He's awesome! I see his soul. And he has crazy energy. I like he and Danny but I think Adam will win. I'm ready for the girls to be gone. They both annoy me! And I realized how much I love Bryan Adams. I need to download some stuff to my iPod.