Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some THINGS that are on my mind today:

1. The Front Porch: I am proud of all the work that JoJo and I did last night on the front porch. You can now open and close the door without bugs, small rodents, or dirt falling or jumping on you. The beautifully hand lettered "GO TO THE OTHER DOOR" sign that Justin made is no longer there. The door is painted an inviting shade of green. Much more work to be done, but we are on our way. I am looking forward to posting the makeover pictures soon.

2. The Mission: Things are very busy right now. Groups and individuals are beginning to plant their crops in the Mission Field. This weekend is 3rd Saturday food pantry/clothes closet day. We are now taking clean, pressed, like-new clothing on hangers. Pass the word! I am also trying to get the Summer SAM club prep done. Looking forward to that. There will be an auction next week at FBC and the proceeds will go to The Mission. It's exciting to see the hands and feet of Christ in action. Check out the new blog:

3. A Wedding: We are going to a good friend's wedding this weekend. An adult-only night! Haven't had one of those in a while. The brave aunt Kristi will be babysitting. I hope this experience will not leave any permanent scarring or fear of children for her. I am trying to figure out a time to shop for a wedding gift and a new dress, perhaps.

4. Painting: I am excited about painting a little girl's bedroom today. There will be turquoise, hot pink, and zebra print involved. Lots of flowers! I will post pics soon.

5. American Idol: I am still trying to recover from the traumatic thing that happened last night. As I was getting settled to watch the previously recorded results of AI this week, I decided to log on to Facebook for a second. BAD IDEA! Someone had already posted who had been kicked off...and then saved! AHH! There ought to be a spoiler function on FB. Also, proud to say that Simon called Kris's performance brilliant (or something like that). It was insightful to see the contestants' reaction to the possible loss and then saving of Matt. He must be a really great guy. Not looking forward to the disco theme next week. Lord only knows what Adam will be wearing and what he will sing. It will be entertaining though. Also, I must admit that I am a little scared of what my Kris will do...

6. A Good Book: I am reading a [very old, but relevant] book called In His Steps right now. It is the book that inspired the WWJD movement. If you have not read this book, you should. It changed my life when I read it the first time (no drama here--it really did) and reading it again is proving to be just as moving. I wish everyone would read it and then seriuosly take the challenge issued in the 2nd chapter. We really could change the world.


  1. sounds like you've had a busy week! hope you have fun at the wedding this weekend.

  2. Hey anytime you need a babysitter, you can send them to me; I'm great with kids.

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  4. How would I get them to you in OK?