Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tacos for Seven

Tonight was Caleb's first Taco Tuesday. (Sorry Lindsey; I couldn't wait!) This is a picture we just had to take. It's all about the tacos. I took plenty of photos to commemorate the evening. Some of my favorites...

Sweet angel.

The perfection of His creation.

Look at that gorgeous hair!

I absolutely love this one. Never was there a more proud papa.

Just a year ago, Lord, we were praying for this little guy and he didn't even exist. Yet, You knew his name and had already numbered his days. For this precious gift to Clayton, Lindsey, and the world--we give You all praise! May he live his life for You and You alone.


  1. These photos are precious!! The Lord's timing is always perfect just as little Caleb is.

    May you have many Taco Tuesdays together!

    Love you.

  2. Wow...God is so good! The emotions of being a mother after praying so long are so overwhelming...This was by far the best Taco Tuesday since the beginning!

  3. WOW thats a little baby. Emma was almost 9lbs and I thought she was tiny....

  4. He's so cute & little! I'm glad he got to finally join you guys for your tacos!