Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Homecoming Voodoo

While enjoying my final few weeks at home on maternity leave I decided to join the computer social scene for fun. I started this blog and joined Facebook. One day on Facebook, a friend posted some high school pictures of us. It was so fun to look at us back then and I decided that I needed to be able to post some old photos of my own. I finally talked Justin into getting a scanner/printer and have been scanning away. So much fun!

Well, yesterday I went to my mom's house to see if she had any pictures that I could use. As I was sorting through a drawer full of pictures, some that date back to the 70's, some that were of last year's Christmas and everything in between, I found this little treasure.

Insight to my soul...

Let us first address the issue of attire. This was homecoming in Decatur, I was either 10 or 11. I had been asked to "go" to homecoming with Matthew Little. He's the one wearing the acid washed jeans--hot. Now, I met him at this fence once we got to the game so there was no "going" to anything. Anyway, once I had been asked to "go" I just had to have a new outfit. So mom took me on down to the Sunshine Square boutique and allowed me to pick out this outfit which actually looks like something I might wear today. Sad, but true. What can I say? I have never been afraid of color. Yes, I am the one with the RED boots, RED hair bow, and tight-rolled black pants with the socks over top. The watch is awesome, the hair is to-die-for, the turtle neck is glamorous as all get out, and the mum just puts it over the top.

But, wait! Where is my face? Let me explain...

The girl on the left was a friend. The boy beside her is Cody Cornell, only the cutest boy in 5th grade. Well, as much as I was flattered by Matthew Little's request, I secretly wanted to wear Cody Cornell's mum. So after the whole thing was over and we had the pictures developed, I did what any NORMAL girl would do. Yes, I cut out my head and I cut out the other girl's head and switched them. That way, you see, it was pretty much like Cody "took" me to homecoming.

Can you say psycho?

Oh, and I have no idea where our heads are. Creepy.


  1. You need counseling. I want all (I think there's 2) pics of you and me together brought to my house before I move. I am a little concerned about what you might do to them in say... 20 years!!!


  2. Gina,
    Yes, I do need couseling. BUT--I have not cut any pictures for at least, Oh I'd say 5 years. Don't worry, I will leave all of your heads in tact.

  3. Keelie, that is hilarious. So very creative-and yes, the red boots are great. What a wonderful memory.

  4. Somebody needs to drug test my wife or maybe me for marring her. I will not be going to sleep before she does anymore....PSYCHO!!!

  5. I thought this was one of the funniest blogs I have read in a long time. I did not find anything psycho about this. Thanks for the great laugh tonight. Love, M

  6. KEELIE SUZANNE!!!! WHAT THE HECK!?!?!? I can't believe you did that! You are totally psycho. I never knew this. All these years I thought you were kind of normal. HOLY CRAP! There is more I need to say but will do so in person!

  7. Come on , Kristi. Don't even act like this is beneath you. You know how we felt about Cody...

  8. Hahahaha! I remember this night! It was my first homecoming in Decatur...or ever. All of those mums blew me away! LOL

    You have to tell me...who was it that went with Cody?!

    FYI - he's still as charming as ever. I adore him!

    Oh, and I have some SWEET GT pics that I'd actually LOVE to cut heads out of. Can you say Mexican-dance-with-Chris&Kenny?!

  9. I, too, found this hilarious. It's such a creative solution to the problem at hand!
    Love U.

  10. Maryann--put those bad boys on FB--NOW! I so remember that!
    Girl--initials A.T.
    You are in contact with Cody?No plans of sharing this with him, right?????I posted with the security of knowing that he or my sweet "Little" date would never find this out...OH, It doesn't really matter. maybe he's going through a rough time and needs an ego boost.
    sorry i just had 2 strong cups of coffee...

  11. Once again Keelie...you're awesome! So funny and not psycho at all, although I've never done that lol. Love your blog, it's like the old days, just sitting there...talking.