Thursday, April 30, 2009

Things recently ELIMINATED from my diet:

1. Dairy products
2. Red Meat--turkey tacos, yum! gag...
3. Caffeine. Goodbye my love. (Movie, name it.)
4. Sugar
5. Alcohol--this ensures success on at least some level
6. Wheat and Gluten
7. Processed Food-- anything in a package, basically

As I type these words I am attempting to choke down some extremely bitter sliced cucumber from the school cafeteria. The apple they offered was surprisingly true to its promise--delicious. I have ingested some nuts, a very bitter nectarine, and grapes thus far on the "Elimination Diet". Supposedly in a couple of days I will begin to detox and experience some adverse side effects. Cool.


  1. Good luck. This is also known as the "Don't Eat Crap Diet".
    BTW -
    I sooo wish I had a porch that looked 1/10th that inviting!!

  2. Gosh Greg--let somebody else win sometimes!

  3. According to Oprah, there is nothing better than a good BM...fact, look it up, she really said it. So yeah, um, my point is...enjoy it? LOL