Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dixie Cups

Every 9 weeks at my school we have what is called Celebration of Learning. Teachers from different grade levels take turns doing a performance for the entire school in order to "celebrate learning" and highlight the character traits that have been taught all year long. Part of the planning for the final 9 weeks Celebration has been entrusted to yours truly! I thought you might get a kick out of where the whole thing is headed.

First, the premise of our performance is The CTA Awards (Character Traits in Action, a play on the country music version, CMA Awards). Our year long theme has been Best in the West, hence the country music awards. The act for Song of the Year will be performed by myself and two other teachers. We are the Dixie Cups and will be dressed/accessorized accordingly. Here are the lyrics for our song, sung to the tune of the Dixie Chicks hit, Wide Open Spaces. (Words in bold or capital print are "character traits") Sing along!

Boals is Going Places

Who doesn’t know what I'm talking about?
A school named Boals, give a shout out!
You can find a TRUSTWORTHY friend of your own
A school where we learn RESPONSIBILITY

We take good CARE of each other, ya’ll
Good CITIZENSHIP is on display in the hall
When it comes to CARING we’re the Best in the West!
The dreams in store for us, we haven’t yet guessed.

Chorus 1:
Boals is going places!
We try to be
We are

RESPECT is something we all choose to show
Accepting others will help us to grow
We takes turns and we always share
We never cut in line, ‘cause that’s not FAIR!

(All) Chorus 2:
Boals is going places!
We are good
We are caring people
Respectful and fair

As this year ends we say remember
All the character traits we learned here at Boals
You know, it didn’t seem like that long ago
We all stood here and said “Hello!”

All of the teachers involved were asked to pick a country star for his/her character and slightly skew the name to make it comical. These will be the "presenters" for the awards. Names that were submitted include:

Trisha School Year
Tanya Pucker (will be wearing a great deal of lipstick)
Shania In Pain
Mindy McReadalot
Faith Heal (school nurse)
Billy Ray Virus (our PE teacher and host)
Kellie Stickler
Taylor Fast
Carrie My Underwear (we're not sure if this one will meet principal approval)
Martina the Bride
Sheba (Reba)
Kenny Chesty
Jennifer Pedals (will ride in on bike)

You may have trouble comprehending this entire post if you are not or have never been an elementary school teacher...


  1. Keelie, please make sure you get a copy of the video of this. It will be "post worthy." Can't wait to see it.

  2. What a great idea! This could make a great mid-unit break for homeschooling Mom's, also,-a wonderful co-op idea. Hmmmmmm....my wheels are now turning! Thanks Keelie!! : )

  3. I am totally laughing out loud! Yes, please post the video. We also do the character awards, but definitely not like this. How funny! :o)

  4. I just don't know if posting a video will be possible;)

  5. You have to make it possible! We have to see this! And which country star are you?

  6. I am a Dixie Cup--Natalie. I will have a guitar with a boa on the end of it and am thinking of making a skirt out of dixie cups...

  7. I LOVE IT!!! I may have to come out of my maternity leave hyatis to be witness to this! I would have loved to have been a "Dixie Cup!" Who are the others? Probably Hollie for sure ;o) I haven't listened to that CD since we were all supposed to crush 'em (ha ha) and I can't remember the whole tune, but I just love the new lyrics! And the star names...so funny! Tell me how it goes :o)