Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Idol Thoughts

This may take a while so get some popcorn and settle in...
Last night's show was amazing! I am actually feeling some love for all of the contestants this morning. Each did a great job. Let's break it down...

So, I am saying that this was pretty darn good. Tounge sticking out too far and all. I am not even going to comment on Adam's make-up. Just coming to terms with the fact that he would not be MY idea of an American Idol but to someone--many-- he is. He hits notes in a way that is just...well its unlike anything I've ever seen. My prediction for Adam is that he will win, make an album that does pretty good and then go on to the stage or screen. He should.

The judges said this was better than Kanye's version and The Fray's version! Wow. I would have to agree. Kris is going to be a *STAR*, plain and simple. And I am going to be his biggest fan! I know that I tend to exaggerate my "undying devotion" to him, but he is really talented and that's no joke. Shh...don't tell anyone but I think I like Kris better than JM.

First, I want everyone to hear Danny's performance from last week so you will recall or understand (if you did not see last week) why he is at the bottom of my list. Click here to experience the terrifying last note that will live in infamy.

I am sorry I had to do that to you. Some might argue that this song simply wasn't Danny's style and that was the problem. Well, to that I respectfully suggest that he shouldn't have picked this song. Big--HUGE--mistake. On the other hand, he had two great performances last night. Here is my favorite.
Can't wait to see what America decided!
In the comments section please tell us:
1. Who you think will win next week?
2. Who SHOULD win and why?
3. Who will have the most success outside of AI and why?
4. Who is your favorite AI contestant of all times
Remember--you do not have to have a blogger ID to leave comments. Thanks for playing!

Hey you! If you skipped all the videos, return to the "Kris section" and watch Heartless--IMMEDIATELY.


  1. This is sad-I haven't been watching-I watch a terrible show...Housewives of N.Y.C.-there is nothing good about it-but I just can't get enough!
    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog...Our queen headboard was chewed by our-CAT! No, not the dog-but my old, crabby cat...I am thinking of the fabric idea-I just need plywood and my hubby to do it-and that is not on his list, because he doesn't care... oh well...

  2. 1. Who you think will win next week?
    --Unfortunately Adam, I still don't care for his style but I do agree he hits the notes. As for his performances last night, I hated them both but I'm also biased. I thought it was funny when he had the audacity to say, "America should really rewind this back and listen to the lyrics, they're so beautiful," referring to the U2 song "One". Funny because we all already knew that song despite it coming from such a "little known" band.

    2. Who SHOULD win and why?
    --Kris, because he's the best.

    3. Who will have the most success outside of AI and why?
    --Kris. Adam will win but I don't think his career will be great, I could be wrong about this, just my opinion.

    4. Who is your favorite AI contestant of all times
    --Of all time, most definitely...Carrie Underwood. Not one of the idol winners in years past have come close to her success.

  3. 1. And the winner is....Adam Lambert...As freaky as he is, he is good, as long as I don't have to look at him. I think the only reason he won't win is because everyone already thinks he will win and won't vote for him beacuse they think he is a shoe in...In that case, your boy will win.

    2. I think Adam should win b/c he is the best as a whole - singer, entertainer, ect.

    3. Adam and your boy will both be sucessful, in different ways. Poor Gokey can rep Pearle Vision....Sorry.

    4. I still love Kelly Clarkson, but Kellie Pickler is up there too!!

  4. I actually got to watch the entire show last night---a first!
    1. Adam
    2. Kris
    3. Both Adam and Kris with different audiences
    4. Carrie Underwood

  5. 1) I definitely think Adam will win next week, and I believe the judges think that too. He's really had his game on the entire season. I always want to see what he's going to sing next and what twist he'll put on it.

    2) I really think Adam should win. He's an awesome singer, does very cool/unusual arrangements on classic songs, very theatrical, and a wonderful performer. He's never had a bad week. I read a really good article about him yesterday in Entertainment Weekly. It was talking about how he's really changed Idol. I agree.

    3)I really do think they will all have success outside of Idol. They are all amazing, in different way. I loved Kris' version of Heartless and I'm so glad the judges did too. He'll do great. I worry about Danny. He's very good, but he also doesn't always have his game on. But I really do think they will all succeed.

    4)This is only the 2nd time I've watched Idol. I have a feeling from now on I won't miss any season. I'm LOVING it. The only other season I watched was with Clay & Rueben. I definitely think Carrie Underwood & Kelly Clarkson have had great careers after Idol. And there are tons of non Idol winners who have done great too. The show is definitely a jumping off point for many.

  6. 1. Who you think will win next week? Adam

    2. Who SHOULD win and why? Anyone but Adam- I just don't like the image.

    3. Who will have the most success outside of AI and why? I think all of them will be successful, but I can see Adam easily able to do many things...acting, broadway, recording. Kind of like Jennifer Hudson has done.

    4. Who is your favorite AI contestant of all times
    hmmm....I really liked Jason Castro...maybe it was just his eyes...

  7. 1. Not sure, I guess, probably Adam
    2. Kris or Danny
    3. I think they will all be very successful at whatever they do.
    4. Carrie Underwood

    Keelie, Thank you for doing this. Again, You are so creative. I wish you would teach me how to add creativity to my blog.

  8. 1. Its a toss up between Heidi and Spencer
    2. Regis - B/C he is great!
    3. Swine Flu
    4. Simon Crowell