Thursday, May 7, 2009

Things that make me happy:

1. Clean sheets and just-shaved legs

2. Drinking coffee 'cause I love it, not to stay awake

3. Going to a movie with a sappy, happy ending

4. Decorating

5. Shopping without a mission

6. Entertaining

7. My children interacting with each other

8. Singing in corporate worship

9. When Kris makes it another week

10. Getting on a plane to go somewhere far off

11. Walking into a clean home

12. Great Girlfriends

13. Cooking and baking

14. Holding hands with my husband

15. A new haircut

16. Sleeping while it rains

17. Smell of cookies in the oven

18. Board games

19. Seeing the hand of God

20. Fridays

What makes you happy?


  1. - Eating Blue Bell Ice Cream

    - Stopping at a truck stop while driving on vacation

    - Hearing a child say a Bible verse

    - A new bird dog puppy

    - Seeing a bobber bounce on the water

    - Hearing the first shotgun blast of the morning on September 1st

    - Finding a $20 bill in the pocket of my jeans

    - A well manicured lawn

    - A weekend getaway with my bride

    just to name a few . . .

  2. Rob, where have you been? Thanks for sharing your list!

  3. -Summer days and nights
    -a nice glass of wine
    -grilling out
    -my class not acting like preteen hooligans
    -margaritas on Fridays w/ girls after school
    -hanging out w/ my hubby
    -shopping and finding something cute and on sale
    -getting highlights and a pedicure
    -my little Yorkie, Baylie
    -having some money in the bank!

  4. family time
    finding a penny
    seeing God at work
    the lake house and activities
    winning on a penny slot machine
    Christmas decorations, music, and traditions
    good music
    eating out
    a good firework show
    a worship service where you feel God
    a lost pound
    to wake up without an alarm clock
    Diet Coke and chocolate
    flowers in my flowerbed

    WOW! I could go on forever.
    God has blessed me well!

  5. This is easy! Check the sidebar of my blog. "Things I Love."