Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Matthew 10:39

Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.

Sounds like a contradiction? God's way of living usually does contradict the world's. As Christians, we must be willing to forfeit living the way that feels comfortable and "normal" by worldly standards in order to live the abundant life God has promised us. As I have taken on the role of parent, a whole new dimension of this principle comes into play. I must now impart this way of thinking to my children.

I am currently re-reading a book that has had a profound impact on my view of parenthood. It is called Raising Kids for True Greatness, by Dr. Tim Kimmel. The book examines the worldly definition of success and then compares it to "true greatness," the biblical definition of success. The book is fantastic and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has children, grandchildren, or plans to have any in the future.

Here are a few excerpts from my reading this morning:

"Making God the source of the first, the last, and the center of your children's lives isn't going to happen as a result of some strategic pep talks around the dinner table. The preeminence of God isn't transferred in part-time lessons or sound-bite principles. Rather it's embodied in real-time life."

"The common denominator of parents who raise kids for true greatness is that God is their life. They live their lives for His glory. Every compartment of their lives is saturated with His presence and power. They don't prioritize their lives the way so many people do: God, my spouse, my kids, my friends, my work, my church, and so on. No. Instead they prioritize their lives this way: there's God, and then there's God and my spouse, God and my kids, God and my friends, God and my work, God and my church, God and my joys, God and every person and challenge I encounter each day."

"Be patient with them. Don't "guilt" them. Just keep setting the example. It might take years or even decades before you see the fruit of your efforts. But it will be worth it."

"What is your goal when it comes to raising your children? If you're like most parents, the word success is somewhere in your answer...We want them to get a good education, have prestigious jobs, live in safe neighborhoods, marry spouses who are easy to look at, and someday have wonderful children of their own...But is that enough? Is that all we want our children to be--successful? Here's what I'm suggesting in this book: if we're aiming our children at success, we're aiming far too low. Why not prepare them for a life that dwarfs the goals of those who are merely successful? Why not groom our children for true greatness?"
Good stuff, huh?
Here's a little bit more from Dr. Kimmel...
*Success looks inward; true greatness looks upward, then outward.
*Success is about my agenda; true greatness is about God's agenda.
*Success accommodates selfishness; true greatness celebrates altruism.
*Success is about receiving; true greatness is about giving.
*Success worships what it sees in the mirror; true greatness grieves over what it sees through its windows (love that one!)
*Success pays off for now; true greatness pays off forever.


  1. Keelie, This is very good. Thank you once again for sharing, and for commenting on my post.

    I am so sorry that I missed you at your mom's house today! I hope the sack of Gunter t-shirts and shorts that I left are found useful. They are all in clean and in good condition.

    My goal for parenting is what I keep writing that Jeff and I are so blessed that it is come about already. . .
    our kids do all have GOD as the CENTER of their lives and strive to live their lives for Him.

  2. Keelie,

    Love the post. God should be "embodied in real-time life." True greatness -- Christ at the center of everything-- is the goal. The world will always distort what success is!

    Jonah and Glory will someday know they are blessed to have you and Justin as their parents.

    Love you!!

  3. Keelie, I know what you meant. Vintage is a fun word. You didn't say anything wrong. I was just making sure that you would want them. We never want to burden any clothes closet if they have too much to weed through. We just knew that Gunter was the place to take those shirts and shorts. I still have some that I might bring you someday, a couple of the cute women shirts that just say Gunter.

    okay, back to the original post. . .
    What Diana said is true, but also,
    Jonah and Glory are SO blessed to have both of sets of their grandparents so close and so much invested into their lives. It was so cute to see Jonah playing in the sprinkler yesterday, and I love the pictures Diana has of him and Rick together.
    I know that you know, but just want to say
    You have precious children. . .
    and they have wonderful parents and grandparents!

  4. Oh I love Dr. Kimmel!

    You have got to have the sweetest love for God girl. It's just lovely!

    Also... I really wish I could bake 150 cupcakes at once in a Highschool kitchen. That would have been really nice yesterday... ha!

  5. Oh- and you know Sandy too??? I love Sandy!! She's so sweet and encouraging to me!! That is so cool!