Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday Surprise Visit

Here they are, a day late. Sorry Chad.

Here we have a cowboy who "just likes them on the wrong feet."

Mitch and Brooks turning the water on for the very important task of...

...watering the tree.

Wrong-foot boy tending to his rolly-pollies


I am lovin' this pic!
Glory was napping during our fun in the sun today, but I managed to find a few shots of her from this week.

Little Miss has started eating goldfish crackers, saltines, graham crackers, and the like. She is seen here munching on a Honey Nut Cheerio.

Her hair is just long enough for a super-cute bow without the headband these days.
Out for a late afternoon stroll
Daddy's dimples


  1. oh how precious!!! You are going to keep having so much fun!

    Yesh, I was going to tell Chad that if he gives his Mom a hard time, she just won't post the pics at all, then we'll all miss out!

  2. Love these! Those guys are so cute, and Glory is growing so fast!!

  3. I love the pics. I was going to say that I am going to rename my pictures something else other than Friday Fotos. I cannot get them on by Friday. The boots on the wrong feet remind me of some other little boys.

  4. Just because you had more than 3 pictures to share, I will let it slide that it was a day late. Try not to let it happen again