Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm Dreaming...

I am dreaming of a white light dinner party. I would love for you to come. The invitation would be on fancy scrapbook paper with a ribbon and the request would be simple. Dinner. 8:00pm. My place. Come early, stay late. You could wear shorts and a t-shirt and bring a side dish. Or not. That would be up to you.

You would get here early and I would ask you to come on in to the house and help me finish making the sweet tea. Then we could walk outside and set the picnic table. I can just see the thin white linen billowing in the air as we throw it up in hopes that it lands perfectly on the table. It doesn't. But that's okay. We would get the delicate white china I bought at an antique store for a few bucks. The silver lining would shimmer in the moonlight. Did I mention there would be a full moon?

Once the places were all set, the other guests would begin to arrive. One by one they would walk up and find their seat. We would fill their mason jar with that sweet tea we made and set out the lemons. There would be lots of bread. And butter. The music would be playing softly in the distance. Some Mayer tunes, I suppose. If you brought a sweetie, you would be sitting extra close on this night.

Soon, I would light the candles. It would take a long time because there would be A LOT of candles. The soft light would flicker on familiar faces as we chatted about things that don't matter and things that matter more than anything else in the world. Laughter. There would be lots of laughter.

Just before I went in the house to grab the Giada De Laurentiis inspired dinner, I would plug in the lights. You all would look up from your seats into the trees to gaze at the wonderful web of white twinkling lights dancing in the perfect fall breeze. Why is it that little white lights make everything SO much more beautiful? The white lights make the night perfect and it has only just begun.

Dinner would be served and then dessert. A warm piece of buttermilk chocolate cake hiding under a scoop of homeade vanilla ice cream and sliced strawberries if you wish. Coffee and more talking. A sentimental couple would give into the music beckoning them to the impromptu dance floor made of gravel. We would watch and it would make us all very happy. My husband would then grab my hand and pull me out on the floor. He would whisper in my ear and hold me close as we danced the night away. (Hey, its my dream, OKAY!?)

No one would feel the urge to leave. We wouldn't think about the bills, the dirty clothes, or Monday morning. We would just take in the moment, under the white twinkle lights and the full moon.

I wonder, will I live my whole life simply dreaming of this white light dinner party? I hope not.



  1. ahh, Keelie, that's beautiful! I want to come and stay!
    I meant to let you know yesterday, that I bouthgt materials for a Fall wreath. I am going to make it for my Mom's birthday, which was today. I told her I'm going to make it, so that means I have to complete it!

  2. Count me in!!! But first we need to blog about what we will shop to wear for this special occasion.......... HUMM??

  3. Just keep dreaming. Dreams really do come true. Have a wonderful day.


  4. Have you ever read The Wedding? It reminds me of this...

  5. Keelie, what a wonderful post! I love your white light dinner party. Oh, I hope someday to have a party like that or be invited to one. Heavenly!!

  6. I would love to come and DANCE, but I was wondering who is going to teach all of us old Baptists how to dance?

  7. It sounds like a beautiful party! I adore candlelight. I'm using it for centerpieces at my wedding instead of flowers.

  8. Sounds fun to me!!

    TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥