Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wreath Party Update

Okay, I know this is getting out of hand. Multiple posts about a virtual party that maybe 3 people are even remotely interested in BUT....

Just to let you know--I am EXTENDING the wreath party date to Septemeber 22. That's right--the first official day of Fall!!! I began to question the timing of the party since it will still technically be summer on September 1st and not to mention most of the people I know who are going to do this are procrastinators like myself. (just told real reason for the change)

So, your first gift from me--an extension. I am expecting even more, bigger, better...beautifuller wreaths now. Do not let me down.

How 'bout this, September 1st will be our check in date. If you have started by then and can prove it, I will give you an extra ticket for the door prizes. Somebody do this. I know how crafty you all are.

By the way, the day of the party is when I will count everything up, so you will have to tell me all the ways you have earned entries for the door prizes then. Just keep up with it...

This is fun.



  1. One ticket please. I've bought the ribbon for my halloween wreath.

  2. This post, literally, just made my day (or um night)...I'm up for the challenge. Again Sept 1st is asking a lot for me BUT you may just get a pic of a pile of decor but hey, it's an update lol. Challenge on...

  3. WOOHOO! Thanks for the extra time.

  4. I am so in now! I am ready to take the waterhose off of my front door. Check out http://taylorsscrap.blogspot.com/2009/08/yes-my-life-is-all-about-food.html.

  5. Ok you have another wreath party participant....the extension lured me in!