Sunday, August 9, 2009


I just read the most hilarious post on my friend's blog who also happens to be our way cool Children's Pastor. She just got back from Camp Kid Jam where they had an encounter with one those NOT HAPPY ladies. You know the type. She's the one who gets involved with some kind of overnight group event and expects to get a FABULOUS night's sleep. Uh, this just in: It ain't gonna happen! It ain't never happened, I suspect since the beginning of time. You don't go on those things to catch up on your beauty sleep!

When I was in middle school I was on a Falls Creek weekend retreat and some of us girls were sitting up talking in the dark on our bunk beds. It was super late and we were still up...and giggling ((gasp)). Can you believe that? What were we thinking? Oh wait, I know. We weren't thinking. We were 13! Well, we had one of those NOT HAPPY ladies camping with us. She came out of her little room--that had a door, mind you--to hush us several times. With each scolding her anger level increased. Finally she burst through the door and yelled "Go to sleep RIGHT now or I am going to wake all of you up at 5:00 when my alarm goes off!"


Then one time, when I was at an adult retreat at the same campground, coincidentally, our group was sharing a large cabin with a group from another town. They were on one side and we were on the other. You know how the story goes. We clearly had the most joy-filled group ((wink, wink)) and were up late having a "share time." As you can imagine, things might have gotten a little out of hand, decible-wise, and the other group began to give us subtle hints that it needed to stop. They would peek around the corner, come into the community kitchen area and slam some cabinet doors, you know--that kind of passive aggressive stuff. Then finally, the token NOT HAPPY lady came out and said, with her most hateful voice, "Can you please stop talking!?" almost with a crack in her voice like she might start to cry.


Oh and then there was the slumber party I went to where the NOT HAPPY mom did this same thing. Only she threatened to call all our parents if we didn't get quiet and go to sleep. Yeah, that's what most girls are expecting to do at a slumber party. Sleep. Right.

Here's what I'm thinking. If you need sleep that bad, host a roller skating party like most kids did back then. Just have a personal prayer retreat in the comfort of your own home--heck, invite some other ladies who like to go to sleep by 9 to join you. And maybe, just maybe, someone else could take your place as a sponsor on the YOUTH overnight retreat. I'm just saying.

You totally need to read Mandy's post now for a good laugh. Coolest camp sponsors EVER!


  1. Ok... I promise not to ever be a NOT HAPPY lady, unless I am very very sick on these fun church camps, slumber parties, or any other form of late night gatherings that include clean, good fellowship!

    LOL! Thanks Keelie for the post ;-)

    PS: You can so teach under me in the Children's Ministry! I know you will follow our rules of "be a part of the kids' world" rule!!! So you're in:-)

  2. I betcha I can guess who the Falls Creek sleep Nazi was . . .

  3. This one isn't the most obvious but I'd love to hear your guess...for old times sake :)