Friday, August 21, 2009

Wreath Party Door Prizes

I want you all to remember that the Wreath Party is coming up! There will be a variety of ways to participate in the party on September 22 nd, but the best way is to actually MAKE a wreath and share it with us. Quit your whining and just do it!

Remember I said there would be door prizes? Well, just to get you a little more excited, I'm going to tell you what they are.

#1 is a handmade purse like this one from UCreate:

#2 is a crocheted "mock scarf" with a cute flower on it that I made. (If "mock scarf" is not already a real thing, then I'm getting a patent 'cause it's cool)

#3 is a fall wreath, of course.

...and possibly some other things if I can get it together. I will include you in the drawings if you:

make something and share (3 times)
invite your friends to the party on your own blog (2 times)
share a link to a great fall idea (1 time)
leave a comment (1 time)
are a RW follower (1 time)

I also have some other giveaways coming up with my 200th post just around the corner and Red Writing's one year anniversary in Novemeber! I am looking for some really great things to share with you. I just love my little blog family and what's more fun to do with family than give gifts?

Hope you all have a great weekend and get started on that wreath!



  1. Wow, what a great giveaway! I love to make stuff and see what others are working on too. Here is one of my favorite things at my shop

    Have a great Saturday and Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  2. You are going all out. I am making a new Halloween wreath based on the picture you shared on a previous blog, but it won't be done by Sept. 1st. I'll have to show it to you when it finally gets done! Cute purse you are giving away!

  3. Chances to win.......Of course you know I follow.

  4. Another chance to win...I love you. Oh, was this comment to be about the wreath?

  5. Hey, I posted about your giveaway and invited others to come on over to RW.


  6. I want that bag. I am going to get busy tomorrow.

  7. I'll admit it...I want your wreath! Even if it isn't made by you, I know it's beautiful. So, ummm, I already mentioned to you that since I'm moving to Kansas around that date, I cannot participate. However, since I'm commenting, I WILL be posting a comment on my blog about this AND I'm a follower...I assume I will win something *wink* *wink* jk. Seriously, what I said on FB stands, I WILL be looking at what's posted because I've already decided that I'm making some decor for the little ol' hotel room in Wichita! I've never really been excited about crafts, but I am now. Haha

  8. I made a baby a few months ago. Can I get an entry for that?

  9. I want in! I just became a follower....what I fun idea! I'll link to your blog in tomorrows post!

  10. Just stopped by from Gina's blog and loved your fall themed idea. I had to become a follower and hope you stop by sometime as well for coffee and a chat! Fall is my favorite season but it looks like we are stuck with summer for a few more weeks!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  11. I just found you through Sasha's blog. I have a wreath to make!! I just can't do it today :) Oh believe you me I will though!!