Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bumpit Beauty Shop

If you were wondering if I ever got a Bumpit, well I did. I haven't had much luck with the apparatus myself. The other night I was allowed to play Bumpit-Beauty Shop with some very "good-sports-for-friends." Just thought you might want to see a couple of the before and afters...

Mean Enchilada-Maker Before

Mean Enchilada-Maker After


Mean Banana Pudding-Maker Before

Mean Banana Pudding-Maker After

Lookin' good girls, lookin' good!


  1. I've been wondering about these for myself...'cause what born and bred Texas girl doesn't want her hair a little higher (ok, a lot higher!) than it will naturally go???

  2. I love Norma Jean's comments. I used to live in West Texas, no less, and I can only confirm what she said. (Here's hoping none of my Texas hair photos are floating around.) : ) Way to go, Keelie and girls!!
    Now, as for the banana pudding and enchiladas! How 'bout sharing those recipes!

  3. My question is....how in the world does it actually stay in your hair?? lol :) I've seen it online...and well, looks interesting.

  4. OK! I have to know! Are they comfortable at all?? I would imagine not! LOL! But yall sure look good! I guess it is like high heels though, right???

  5. Okay so I've been wondering what happens when the wind blows? Does your bumpit show - because your hair can't stay in one place...