Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Hair

I'm not sure what's to blame for the recent surgence of hair related posts, but here is another...
When I found out I was having a baby girl I was so excited for many reasons, but one of them was because I couldn't wait to do her hair. I have always dreamed of the cute little pig tails, oversized bows, french braids, etc. I am getting really excited because Glory's hair is almost long enough to start doing some of these things. I snapped these pictures of her after church this week. See her little curls?

Sorry about all the gross food!
What can I say? Like her mamma, she's happiest while eating.


  1. My neice is here visiting for the remainder of the week. She is 13 months. I have begun making clip hairbows for her.


    The mama of 2 boys is blessed to have a niece!!!

    I love doing hair too!

    .mac :)

  2. My little darling would NOT keep a bow in her hair, ever! At her now age of 9 I am doing good to get to put it in pigtails! : ) They're all so different. Enjoy this age and stage.

  3. Oh that was SO me... I Just about glued bows in child's hair while I waited for it to grow.

  4. I make my little girl tons of hair bows with the little alligator clips. When she was really little I would make her head bands (out of elastic material-ribbed or plain, from the fabric store) and I would add a little loop of ribbon to the headband and then I could clip the big bow to the head band and when her hair did get long enough I could use the same hair bow.


  5. Hey,

    Who notices the "gross" food with such a darling!!!

  6. She is so cute Keelie! That what I love about both my girls......the hair. Fortunately for me, they were both born with a ton of it! Emma had her first pig tails at 6 months old.