Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Recess and Lunch

Sweetie LOVES to swing! She enjoys taking in all the surroundings--tall trees dancing in the breeze, birds and bees zooming by, cows, horses, and donkeys in the nearby pasture... AHH! And today we saw a scarry creature up on the picnic table!

Oh wait, that was just Bubba. Silly Bubba practicing his scary faces for Halloween. Looks like Sweetie was more amused than scared...

All that playing caused us to work up a big appetite. Wanna see what we had to eat?
Chicken with Vegetables and Rice

Begin by butterflying the chicken breast. I do this because it cooks more evenly and quickly. Season well on one side using your choice of spices. This is what I used:

Not really sure why I used a Canjun seasoning since I was going for a more Asian flare. Oh, well. Lightly coat your pan with olive oil and bring to medium/high heat.

Once the pan is good and hot, put the chicken in, seasoned side DOWN. Then you will season the other side. Cook about 4 to 5 minutes on each side. Resist the urge to move the chicken around. Just put it down and flip a few minutes later. Just 1 flip. That is how it will get nice and brown.

When it looks like this on both side you can take it off.

Leave the heat under the pan and pour chicken stock into it to deglaze. Stir around until all the little crispy bits are up. You can add any other cooking liquid such as wine, teryaki, lemon juice, etc. Depends what flavors you are going for.

Normally I would put a big hunk of butter in the sauce now, but we are trying to be good. I do recommend the butter sometime, though.

Next you will add a bag of frozen vegetables. This is a Wal-Mart brand that features asparagus. It was very good.

I served the vegetables and chicken over brown rice. Sorry if this method is a no-brainer for you, but maybe someone out there can use it. My hubby, who usually likes no more than 2 colors on his plate, even ate this and said it was good.


  1. Recess and lunch have always been two of my favorite parts of the day. Yummy looking food. Adorable looking little sweeties.

  2. Keelie, I have made my own similar, chicken and vegetable dish, but I enjoyed reading your instructions and looking at your great pictures! Very creative way to post pictures of your precious children and a recipe, too! Thank you for posting! Now, I've got to go back to TWOC!

  3. this looks great and a quick dinner for the family. I may have to try this soon since I have most of the ingred. on hand. thanks for sharing

  4. I think this looks great!
    We love Tony's seasoning...you can never go wrong when you cook with it!!!

  5. Looks fabulous! And your sweeties are precious:)

  6. Those are great pictures! And I love the looks of that meal. Yum.....

  7. Justin ate it? No way! lol.

    Love those pics of the kids. What is Jo going to be for Halloween?

  8. YOur children are so cute & that meal looks awesome. YUM We love chicken...not big on red meat so this meal is perfect for us. YUM again! Your blog is so cute too. Thanks for stopping by yesterday and introducing yourself. I am sticking around to follow along.

  9. I love how you combined these two into one post! Love being outdoors in this cooler weather. It's so much easier to get things done when you aren't working up a sweat.

    Your meal is one of our favorite family classics and one that I am working on for dinner tonight.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  10. Too hungry to look at all the photos! These look great so far; headed to the kitchen for a snack! : )