Saturday, October 10, 2009

TWOC: Christmas Memories and Traditions

Some of the happiest memories of my life were made during the Christmas season of 2001. That's when I married my sweetheart. Our wedding was held in the dear old church where we both grew up. Nearly 200 people packed into the tiny sanctuary--every nook and cranny of it. It was cold and rainy outside, but the flickering glow of candles and enchanting twinkle lights helped us to forget the weather.

I always dreamed of singing a song at my wedding but knew I couldn't make it though without crying. Instead I decided to keep it a surprise and had the song recorded prior to the wedding. It was played just before I walked down the aisle. The double doors swung open as the last verse of the song began. The song was a complete surprise to my husband, and I suppose it was my gift to him. It went perfectly as planned. I still cried, of course.

When we were pronounced "man and wife" we kissed...I don't know...maybe a little longer than what's considered necessary? If you look very carefully in a photo of this point in the ceremony, you'll see our curious ring bearer staring up at us with wide eyes and his mouth gaping open. There is also an amused grin on our pastor's face. SO cute.

After our vows and rings were exchanged, we headed to the "fellowship hall" for cake and punch. The cakes were exquisite and delectable. The guest table centerpieces were heirloom glass bowls filled with sugared fruit to coordinate with the groom's cake. We made the sugared fruit ourselves! It was SO beautiful! I'm pretty sure I wanted to make my own cake, but Mom put her foot down on that one. (Thanks, Mom!) Guess I've always enjoyed DIY...

After getting a little rowdy with the cake and then an embarrassing garter fiasco, we finally changed into our "going away" clothes and hopped in the car. But not before one of Hottie's pals nailed him in the private area with a bag of bird seed. (Yes, it was on purpose...jerk.) My poor baby was literally in tears as we drove away. You can add that to the list of reasons NOT to throw rice at weddings.

On our way to the hotel, I suddenly remembered that I had not eaten in a few months (bought my dress 2 sizes too small). I saw a Braum's and directed our handy driver to please pull in. I proceeded to order a bacon cheeseburger, large fries, and Dr. Pepper. It was the best meal of my LIFE, but not the way I'd recommend to begin your "wedding night." Hind sight is 20/20.

Once at the hotel, we weren't able to check in because get this--my husband was TOO young. Too young to check into a hotel! Ha ha ha ha! Yes, we were 20(him) and 21(me). Again, not something I'd recommend (getting married before you can check into a hotel, that is) but the Good Lord HAS blessed our relationship. We have grown up together and not apart, thankfully.

I look forward to celebrating our 8th anniversary this December and many more after that. Oh, and I highly recommend a Christmas wedding!

I'll throw in an extra entry for the giveaway if you correctly guess the song I sang. {Hint: country remake} Sorry all you people who were there or I have already told the answer--you may not guess! I will not publish your comments! ;)

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  1. im gonna guess, "At last" not sure if its counrty or not but it wah what came to mind :)lovely wedding by the way! and what a HOT couple!

  2. Ahhhhh! A Christmas Wedding! How spectacular! I love all your pictures! Thanks for sharing such special memories!

    I'm all linked up for "Week Two" in your fun Christmas event!

    Jayne at mysongwithin

  3. Your wedding was BEAUTIFUL and I cried when I saw you crying during the song you sang/played (which is one of my favorites)! It was beautiful as well!!! Love the post! Such a wonderful time in both of our lives and such a special memory!

  4. Not sure about the song, but I loved reading about your wedding! So sweet. What fun memories! Happy early anniversary :).

  5. The photos are great! What a wonderful story. Happy Anniversary!

  6. Love your blog and would like to do a post on some great holiday posts and blogs. Are you interested?

  7. love your post, you were such a beautiful bride :D

  8. LOVE your post-We got engaged near Christmas in Chicago-snow, lights, romance-I loved it!
    When I think of Christmas-I too always think of my hubby...

  9. Great memories!

    I've linked up to Week 2! This is a very fun event. Thanks for hosting it!


  10. Keelie, I am so glad that I got to see these beautiful pictures and read about your wedding! I was 19 and Jeff was 21. You and Justin, Jonah and Glory are such an adorable family!

  11. Thanks for stopping by. I have done the tree-decorating party every year since we got married. So even when our first was a baby, we had our tree party. She just watched from an infant seat. Then when they were crawling or walking they "helped" put the ornaments on the tree. It's one of our favorite nights of the whole holiday season.

  12. Another Christmas bride!! We were 20 and 21 too... hoping to be sitting where you are in 8 years (=

    I'm all linked up again. I loooove TWOC!

  13. What a cute place you have here! I clicked on your 12 Days of Christmas through someone elses blog.
    Hope to be back by and maybe even participate a little!!

  14. You were a beautiful bride. And you had an excellent photographer!! I love seeing other's wedding pics. As far as the song, I have no idea, so I'm just going to randomly, Allison Krause's "When you say nothing at all."

  15. Beautiful memories of such a special time!!!!!!! The song was a favorite with me.

    Christmas thoughts always brings both of our weddings/anniversaries to mind.

  16. Hmmm.... Country song. Remake. Ummmm.... Ruby, don't take your love to town? I'm gonna link my post tonight for my story. What a beautiful wedding. Beautiful bride. Fun getting ready for Christmas with this.

  17. I came across your blog from a link on another blog. I LOVE Christmas and everything about it! We were married the week before Christmas actually, so yes, I do agree with you about Christmas weddings :) We were both 21 :) We will be celebrating our 5th anniversary this year! As far as your song, I have no idea. I will guess I Could Not Ask For More? Beautiful pictures and I'm so happy to have come across your blog!

  18. Love the wedding pictures! How fun to be married at Christmas!

    I have no clue about your song...but let's say "The Broken Road"??? (It was my sis-in-law and bro-in-law's wedding song)

  19. Your pictures were great! I love this whole Twelve Weeks of Christmas; it is making me excited about Christmas!

    I'm now a follower and will link up tonight when I get my post all ready!

  20. Awwww... What a beautiful bride and a wonderful Christmas Memory!!

    I just linked up with my post of Christmas traditions. I'm a bit late since we Canadians had our Thanksgiving this weekend. Eating turkey dinner gets me in the mood for Christmas too!

  21. Linked up and a follower (of course!) the way, I love your pictures!

  22. What a lovely wedding! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos and memories!

    I just found your blog it! I'm linking up today and will become a follower.


  23. Loved the pictures! It was a beautiful wedding. But I'm thinking that those of us at the wedding should get soommmee credit for remembering what song it was! LOL
    Any who... I follow, I'm linked and I'm ready to win! :)

  24. I tried to be very careful as I was typing in my link, but obviously, I must have made a typo. It still works. Wish I could fix it. I am linked up. Thank you so much for doing this, Keelie!

  25. What a wonderful Christmas memory. It was pretty perfect. You guys were gorgeous and your wedding was wonderful! I LOVED looking back on these pictures! I have FANTASTIC memories of that day. It was the day my bestest/oldest friend ever got married and I got to be a part of it! LOVE YOU!

  26. I am totally late to the game...but looking forward to reading everyone's ideas